February 2011 • Vol. 31 No. 2 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

LACBA.org Undergoes Home Page Makeover to Achieve Ease and Simplicity

“Please do something about your Web site! It’s hard to navigate, and I can’t find anything on it!"

"Everything is too crowded, and it’s hard to read.”

LACBA's Web Services Department heard the cries for help from LACBA members and the general public, and addressed their concerns in the form of a home page makeover.

The left-hand side of the LACBA.org home page recently received a much-needed facelift. The navigation menu is now simplified, and the font size is bigger, making it easier to find the pages you need.

By redesigning the navigation menu, redundant links were eliminated, and search categories are now more user-friendly. The For Attorneys and For the Public links will take you to distinct landing pages where information specific to those audiences resides.

Need to find your section’s home page? How about the newly updated Judicial Council forms for 2011? Do you need to purchase Judge in a Flash for 2011? All of these items and more are just two jumps away from the home page when you click on For Attorneys.

The remaining links underneath For Attorneys and For the Public have also been simplified. The About Us tab will take you to a page where you can get plenty of information about LACBA, including job opportunities, the employee directory, directions to the office building, and where to park if you’re going to attend a meeting in one of LACBA's conference rooms.

Several firms post job openings on LACBA.org, where you can find them easily by clicking on Career Resources. If you’re looking to change jobs, or you have an opening at your firm, you can submit your listing and view others already in place.

Need information about the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation? It’s just a click away. You can also access your personal account easily to make changes or renew your membership. And if you’re a law student, LACBA has a place for you to network and look for a job.

Be sure to check out the improved LACBA.org home page and surf around the site. Even more changes are in the works!

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on LACBA.org? Send feedback to webmaster@lacba.org or call David Dain at (213) 896-6401.

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