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Receive Landlord/Tenant or Administrative Law Referrals from LACBA's Lawyer Referral Service

The LACBA Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has an immediate need for landlord/tenant attorneys in San Gabriel Valley and administrative law attorneys throughout Los Angeles County to take referrals.

Getting referrals from LRIS is a great way to increase the volume and quality of referrals an attorney receives.

Membership on the landlord/tenant panel includes the following practice areas:

Commercial landlord (representation of)
Residential landlord (representation of)
Commercial tenant (representation of)
Residential tenant (representation of)

Membership on the administrative law panel includes the following practice areas:

Benefits (state disability)
Benefits (state unemployment)
Benefits (veterans)
Education (student)
Education (teacher)
Licenses (liquor)
Licenses (restaurant and other businesses)
Licenses (professional)
Department of Motor Vehicles
Public Utilities Commission
Other federal agencies
Other state agencies

Attorneys interested in receiving referrals from the Lawyer Referral and Information Service in these practice areas can visit www.smartlaw.org/membership for more information or call (213) 896-6571.

LRIS is a nonprofit public service of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.


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