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January 2011     MCLE Test and Answer Sheet

Test No. 199: Brokers' Fate


Instructions for Obtaining MCLE Credit

The Los Angeles County Bar Association certifies that this activity has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 1 hour. To apply for credit, please follow the instructions.

1. Study the CLE article.

2. Answer the test questions by marking the appropriate boxes. Each question has only one answer.

3. Photocopies of this answer sheet may be submitted; however, this form should not be enlarged or reduced. Mail the answer sheet and the $20 testing fee ($25 for non-LACBA members) to:

Los Angeles Lawyer
P.O. Box 55020
Los Angeles, CA 90055 

Make checks payable to Los Angeles Lawyer.

4. You can also fill in the test form and submit it directly to LACBA by clicking "Submit." To submit your test answers online you will need to pay by credit card. After submitting your answers you will be presented with a screen requesting payment information. This information will be submitted in a secure mode which will allow you to safely transmit your credit card number over the Internet. If you prefer not to pay by credit card, please print this answer sheet and submit your responses by regular mail.

5. Within six weeks, Los Angeles Lawyer will return your test with the correct answers, a rationale for the correct answers, and a certificate verifying the CLE credit you earned through this self-assessment activity.

6. For future reference, please retain the CLE test materials returned to you.

  Test Sheet

Mark your answers to the test by clicking next to your choice.  All questions must be answered.  Each question has only one answer. This test is worth 1 hour of credit.*  

1. When was the California Department of Real Estate established?
 A. 1901.
 B. 1970.
 C. 1919.
 D. None of the above.

2. The action of another state to revoke a real estate broker license in that state is not recognized in California.

3. Once a consumer makes a complaint to the DRE about a real estate broker, the consumer forfeits all civil remedies against the broker.

4. A person must acquire a real estate license to perform which of the following real estate activities?
 A. Selling the person's own house.
 B. Handling loans secured by real property.
 C. Asking the person's lender to modify the person's mortgage loan.
 D. None of the above.

5. A real estate broker has a duty to exercise reasonable supervision over the real estate corporation for which he or she is the designated officer and over the salespersons in his or her employ.

6. The DRE is a:
 A. Regulatory agency.
 B. Licensing agency.
 C. Enforcement agency.
 D. All of the above.

7. The types of disciplinary actions the DRE may take include:
  A. Imposition of jail time.
 B. Seizure of bank assets.
  C. Fines up to $10,000.
 D. None of the above.

8. A real estate broker license only can be revoked if the broker's misconduct involved the use of the license in a real estate transaction.

9. Consumers can discover if the DRE is investigating a real estate broker by searching the broker's license information page on the DRE Web site.

10. The DRE process for imposing discipline against a real estate broker license is governed by:
 A. The Office of Administrative Hearings.
 B. The Administrative Procedure Act.
 C. The Code of Civil Procedure.
 D. The California Association of Realtors.

11. A person could be imprisoned for conducting real estate activities without first obtaining a real estate license from the DRE.

12. Funds that a real estate broker receives on behalf of another party must immediately be placed into:
 A. A neutral escrow depository.
 B. The hands of the broker's principal.
 C. The broker's trust fund account.
 D. Any of the above.

13. A final civil court fraud judgment against a broker is grounds to revoke a real estate broker license regardless of the type of fraud.

14. The conviction of a crime is grounds for the revocation of a real estate broker license if the crime involves moral turpitude.

15. A licensed California attorney does not need a real estate license to conduct real estate activities in the course of rendering legal services for a client.

16. A real estate salesperson can be compensated by any real estate broker.

17. Documents on file in a formal disciplinary proceeding to revoke a real estate license are public records.

18. In Robbins v. Davi, the court ruled that Robbins's real estate broker license could not be revoked because he was an attorney.

19. The DRE's mandate is to:
 A. Protect the public.
 B. Issue real estate licenses.
 C. Issue public reports for private interest developments.
 D. Discipline the licenses of real estate brokers who break the law.

20. Business and Professions Code Section 10177 covers discipline for a broker's misconduct that does not occur in connection with a real estate transaction.

Address and Billing

After submitting your answers you will be asked to enter your name, address, and payment information on the next screen. Once you have submitted the current form, you will be switched to a secure mode which will allow you to safely transmit your credit card number over the Internet.

If you do not wish to complete this transaction over the Internet you should print this page and send it to the address listed in Step 3 of the instructions at the top of this page.

Before clicking the Submit button, please verify that all questions have been answered. An error message will appear if not all questions are answered.

* The Los Angeles County Bar Association has been approved as a continuing legal education provider of Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California. This self-assessment activity will qualify for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of one hour.



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