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Senior Lawyers Section Executive Committee Survey Results

The members of the Senior Lawyers Section Executive Committee (SLEXCOM) prepared and randomly sent a survey to our members, soliciting their opinions and desires regarding the direction of the Division. We thank all the SLS members who responded to the recent survey. No, not everyone in SLS received the survey. Please do not be offended if you were not asked to respond. LACBA staff sent the 10 question survey to a random sample of the SLS membership and collated the results. The Executive Committee was delighted with the number of responses. Thank you all who took the time to answer.
Here are the highlights of the results:

  1. Three-quarters of our membership want MCLE programs. 
  2. By a margin of 5 to 4, members want MCLE content focused on the needs of senior lawyers.
  3. Sixty percent of our members are interested in SLS social and/or networking events; only 30% are interested in travel programs.
  4. We need to do a better job of promoting the SLS “Frozen in Time” series, 90% of the members surveyed were not aware of this popular program. Better promotion is probably something we need to do for all our events.
  5. Convenience is definitely a factor in scheduling SLS programs. Weekday lunch or evening programs ran almost neck and neck in preference, with a slight edge to evening times. 
  6. It is all about location. Again, there was almost a fairly even split between programs downtown and those on the Westside; a location in the San Fernando Valley came in third. 
  7. Reasons for not attending any SLS programs ran the gamut from the respondent “not senior enough” to cost considerations to time constraints.
  8. Ideas for possible SLS programs included the following: various retirement issues (including estate planning, finances, tax advice, and the like); mentoring younger lawyers and discussions and presentations regarding pro bono opportunities; creative ideas for winding down a practice and exit strategies; and practice issues for older lawyers.

The results give a picture of what SLS members are thinking about the Section. Conversation with our members is ongoing. SLEXCOM wants to hear from you. Please contact Chair Jill Switzer, Treasurer Lola Marie McAlpin-Grant, or Secretary Ed Horowitz to express your likes/dislikes and how we can best respond to your needs.

One fact that our survey confirms is sacred to the membership, our logo. Unfortunately our dinosaur remains nameless.

The Executive Committee is considering a contest to resolve that significant legal issue.



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