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Endowment and Planned Giving Opportunities

The Foundation accepts many types of gifts from a Planned Gift and/or Endowment which benefits both the donor and the Foundation. Individuals and families can name the Foundation as a recipient as part of their estate planning process. Making a commitment in writing, naming the Foundation in your will, in a trust, as a beneficiary to an insurance policy or annuity, or simply making a major cash gift to our Endowment Fund is critical to the future of the Foundation's programs and services. Gifts of stocks, bonds, securities, real estate, and personal property also qualify as a Planned Gift to the Foundation.

The Foundation may also be an appropriate charitable choice for members of an attorney's family. Requests for suggestions by estate planning attorneys regarding possible charitable beneficiaries might well include mention of the Foundation as a highly suitable option.

If the Foundation is already a part of your estate planning, we thank you and ask that you let us know if your intended gift or bequest so that we can plan accordingly and give you the appropriate recognition. If you need additional information about how to give a planned gift, please contact the Foundation office at (213) 896-6409, or visit for Planned Giving details or e-mail the Foundation at


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