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There Ought to be a Law: Write Resolutions and Represent Your Bar Association as a Conference Delegate

Apply now for the 2011 Delegation.

LACBA members are being sought for positions on LACBA’s Delegation to the 2011 Conference of California Bar Associations, which will meet September 16-18, 2011, in Long Beach. The conference consists of approximately 300 delegates representing local bar associations throughout California who meet annually to debate proposed changes to and new statutory law. As a corporation independent from the State Bar of California, the conference is funded mostly by individual contributions and grants. It is instrumental in molding the State Bar’s legislative agenda in Sacramento.

LACBA sends approximately 50 delegates to the conference. Participating in the delegation is an opportunity to enrich your career by playing an active role in creating California law and an opportunity to enjoy camaraderie with an esteemed community of attorneys who actively advocate changes and additions to California law. Here’s how dedicated delegate, former Attorney General John Van de Kamp, characterizes his involvement:

I have been a Los Angeles Delegate to the Conference of Delegates for over 30 years. I stay involved because I enjoy the intellectual stimulation in studying and hearing of areas of concern in the profession with which I'm not directly involved as well as the issues I know something about. I enjoy the debate—which at its best can be riveting—at times entertaining and humorous. And most of all I enjoy the people—the lawyers—young and old who come year after year, to listen to one another debating the issues of the day who enjoy one another.

The LACBA Delegation is the largest delegation in the state and has enjoyed tremendous success over the years with its resolutions passed by the CCBA and then by the legislature. Interested LACBA members should complete the application accompanying this story. Continuing delegates may suggest candidates for the Charles R. English Spirit Award, renamed in 1999 in memory of a previous delegate and recipient who personified the award. The award recognizes a person who has been an inspiration to the LACBA Delegation and instrumental in promoting its interests.

Submit a resolution. Have you ever thought “There ought to be a law” while discussing an issue with your client or with a colleague? Whether you sign up as a delegate or not, any member is encouraged to submit to the LACBA Delegation proposed changes to or new law in the form of a resolution.

If you are interested in making improvements to California code sections that affect your clients and practice, take a look at 2010 resolutions at and consider writing resolutions (with statements of reasons) that the LACBA Delegation might submit to the statewide conference in 2011.

Please send formatted resolutions to the LACBA Delegation chair in care of Grace Danziger at by December 17, 2010. (If you wish to be introduced to a veteran delegate to consult with regarding your resolution idea prior to formatting and submitting it, please contact Grace Danziger. Delegates can share with you how great it feels to change California law in ways that will improve the lives of your clients or make a positive difference in your everyday practice.)

These resolutions will be reviewed and debated by members of the LACBA Delegation in January, and those receiving a supermajority vote of approval will be submitted as LACBA resolutions to the CCBA for the 2011 Conference.

If you have questions, contact the 2011 LACBA Delegation Chair, Phyllis Kupferstein, at (213) 236-9107 or, or Grace Danziger.

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