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Youth Services

The Center for Civic Mediation's Youth programs are designed to reduce and prevent acts of frustration and violence among youth. Services include early intervention, violence prevention programs on school campuses in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District, and several surrounding school districts.

The Center for Civic Mediation offers a comprehensive array of workshops, trainings, and curricular programs. They include:

  • Student Peer Mediation – This program currently trains approximately 200 students annually to be peer mediators. Students learn and practice concrete, positive skills as alternatives to verbal and physical violence as a means to addressing conflict. These skills become integral to their experience and behavior.
  • Parent Education Seminars – The home is the most formative place for children, and they learn when parents set limits and model conflict as a constructive tool for change. The Center offers a variety of seminars for parents and families, including: cooperative conflict resolution skills, anger management, diversity awareness, and respectful expression of conflict.
  • Teacher and Faculty Training – The Center offers a variety of workshops and training for school faculty and staff. Topics covered include: orientation to principles and practices of conflict resolution, effective communication, mediation, cultural awareness, bias awareness, and violence prevention.
  • Conflict Resolution Curriculum and Classroom Activities – The Center provides classroom activities for all students that cover the basic principles of conflict resolution, mediation, peacemaking techniques, anti-bullying, as well as cooperative problem solving skills.
The Center also provides Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) workshops, as well as training and consultation on how to set up effective programs to schools, districts, youth-serving and other community-based organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs and local nonprofit housing organizations.

For further information, call Andrea Martin at: 213-896-6535 or email at: amartin@centerforcivicmediation.org

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DRS services receive support from the County of Los Angeles Dispute Resolution Program, the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation, the City of Santa Monica, the City of West Hollywood, and generous private donors.