September 2010 • Vol. 30 No. 8 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

LACBA Dispute Resolution Services to Become the Center for Civic Mediation

The Center for Civic Mediation name and visual identity will be introduced in September to clients, volunteers, funders, partner agencies, and residents throughout Los Angeles County, announced LACBA Dispute Resolution Services Board President William B. Fitzgerald and President-Elect and Branding Task Force Chair Robert N. Klieger.

The organization will continue to grow its exceptional community and youth peer mediation and conflict resolution services under the new name, so as to reach more individuals, groups, and families in need.

Keep an eye out for the Center for Civic Mediation Web site (, which will provide an important conflict resolution resource for individuals, schools, and community organizations.

THE CENTER FOR CIVIC MEDIATION is a nonprofit affiliate of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, which established it originally as the Neighborhood Justice Center, one of the first three Community Mediation centers in the country. The Center for Civic Mediation helps individuals, families, and communities to resolve conflicts through mediation, facilitation, and other problem-solving methods. The Center provides mediation and conflict resolution training, education, and coaching that prepares people with the skills to constructively address disputes in personal, community, and work settings. The Center for Civic Mediation partners and works collaboratively with local governments, schools, social service agencies, law enforcement, and courts as well as private and public organizations and businesses.

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