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Represent Your Bar Association as a Conference Delegate

Apply now for the 2011 Delegation.

LACBA members may apply for positions on LACBA’s Delegation to the 2011 Conference of California Bar Associations, which will meet September 16-18, 2011, in Long Beach. The conference consists of approximately 350 delegates representing local bar associations throughout California who meet annually to debate proposed legislative resolutions. As a corporation independent from the State Bar, the conference is funded mostly by individual contributions and grants. It is instrumental in molding the State Bar’s legislative agenda in Sacramento. 

LACBA sends approximately 50 delegates and alternates to the conference. Participating in the delegation is an opportunity to enrich your career by playing an active role in creating California law and an opportunity to enjoy camaraderie with an esteemed community of attorneys who actively advocate changes and additions to California law.

The LACBA Delegation is the largest delegation in the state and has enjoyed tremendous success over the years with its resolutions passed by the CCBA and then by the legislature. Interested LACBA members should complete the application accompanying this story and, optimally, include an idea for a new statute or amendment to a current statute.

Continuing delegates may suggest candidates for the Charles R. English Spirit Award, renamed in 1999 in memory of a previous delegate and recipient who personified the award. The award recognizes a person who has been an inspiration to the LACBA Delegation and instrumental in promoting its interests.

Executive committee positions. The LACBA Delegation’s executive committee will elect a secretary and three executive committee members on October 21, 2010. Nominations are being accepted for these positions.

The secretary serves a one-year term beginning in November 2010 and succeeds to the positions of vice chair and chair. All applicants must have current or previous service on the executive committee. Nomination shall be by written self-nomination and must be received by October 20, 2010 by the current chair, Shirley Deutsch, at the address listed at the end of this article.

To be eligible for executive committee membership, applicants 1) must have been a member of the LACBA Delegation for at least two years (not necessarily consecutive) and 2) shall not have served on the executive committee for any of the immediately preceding three years. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by current executive committee members. Those interested may contact any executive committee member by October 20, 2010 or send the nomination directly to Shirley Deutsch. Nominators must confirm that they have personally verified the candidate’s eligibility and desire to serve, and that the candidate has been advised of the three-year term and other time commitments.

Candidates for the executive committee positions may send a written statement and/or resume or have executive committee members endorse them. The terms of the three new executive committee members begin in November 2010 and end in fall of 2013.

Current executive committee. The executive committee members are Shirley Deutsch, chair; Phyllis Kupferstein, vice chair; Jeffrey Erdman, secretary; members whose terms end in fall of 2011: Robin Bernstein-Lev, Michelle Michaels, Teresa Sullivan; and members whose terms end in fall of 2012: Herb Barish, Richard Hoang, Lara Krieger.

For more information, contact Shirley Deutsch at (213) 236-9400;; or c/o LACBA, PO Box 55020, Los Angeles, CA 90055-2020.

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