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Hon. Margaret M. Morrow Receives LACBA's Outstanding Jurist Award

The Honorable Margaret M. Morrow, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, received LACBA's 2010 Outstanding Jurist Award at a May 18 luncheon at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. In addition to honoring Judge Morrow, new 50-Year Club members were inducted during the program in recognition of a half-century of LACBA membership. (See photos below.)


  Judge Margaret Morrow, holding the Outstanding Jurist Award, is joined by the program's speakers: Terry Bird; Lisa Baird; LACBA President Don Mike Anthony; and Hon. Lourdes Baird (from left). 

  Judge Terry Hatter Jr. (left) and Judge Alicia Rosenberg (right) congratulate Judge Morrow.

  Both Justice Charles Vogel (Ret.) and Judge Morrow are former LACBA presidents and past recipients of LACBA's Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award.

  LACBA Executive Director Sally Suchil and Judge Morrow exchange greeetings.

  Judge Morrow shares a light moment with LACBA President Don Mike Anthony (left) and her son, Patrick Boland, while listening to remarks by Terry Bird.

  Hon. Shirley Hufstedler, also a past recipient of LACBA's Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award, recognizing outstanding dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession and the administration of justice, is seen with Judge Morrow.    

  Stephen Claman, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Donald P. Clark, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Robert D'Angelo, 50 Year Club inductee   

  David W. Fleming, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Morton Gantman, 50 Year Club inductee   

  N. Matthew Grossman, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Gordon Hunt, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Marshall Rutter, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Lawrence Steinsapir, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Richard Volpert, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Earl Willens, 50 Year Club inductee   

  Thomas Zide, 50 Year Club inductee   

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