June/July 2010 • Vol. 30 No. 6 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

   Attendees representing the field of education and the legal community network to find ways to make classes relevant to students as they anticipate entering the Los Angeles workforce.   

Pillar Teams Up with LACBA to Develop Business-Education Partnerships in Law and Social Justice

Nearly 50 educators and professionals from the fields of law and social justice gathered at LACBA on April 30 to discuss how they can build and support relationships between businesses and theme-based small schools and learning communities to strengthen education and develop the future workforce.

The successful “reach out” was the result of planning efforts between the bar and Pillar, a partnership of the L.A. Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles Unified School District. By working together, Los Angeles professionals and teachers can make classroom experiences relevant to the real world and inspire youth to succeed along a career path.

Participants at the symposium trained in partnership best practices and then engaged in a lively networking session to discuss how they could team up to make education more meaningful for students. Reminiscent of “speed-dating,” attendees spoke with each other for a set amount of time and then rotated toward another “match” to begin the networking process again. During the exercise, business cards were exchanged for more extensive follow-up after the symposium ended.

Also on hand were ConnectEd and the Constitutional Rights Foundation to discuss how schools can enhance their curriculum through work and project-based learning opportunities.

Suggested student-centered activities for businesses that wish to become involved include classroom speaking, field trips, job shadowing, and internships. For more information and to develop a business-education partnership, visit Pillar online or contact Paola Santana, Pillar Business-Education Partnership Coordinator, at 213.580.7553 or psantana@lachamber.com.

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