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Use Free Prerecorded Legal Information from LRIS to Provide Basics to the Public


Whether by phone or online, delivering free legal information to the public is a valuable community service of LACBA’s Lawyer Referral & Information Service.

LACBA encourages attorneys to direct members of the public to this free service.

Each year, tens of thousands of callers listen to prerecorded information about specific legal issues using the LACBA SmartLaw free legal information line. With more than 275 recordings available in English and Spanish, callers can easily navigate through the automated phone system and listen to messages focused on specific legal issues. The SmartLaw free legal information phone number is (213) 243-1500.

Internet users also can retrieve this information in audio or text formats by selecting “SMARTLAW MESSAGES” from the home page.

General categories include the following (with more focused subcategories for each):

General Legal Information
Business Law
Consumer Information
Criminal Law
Family Law and Domestic Violence
Financial and Health Planning
Injuries to Persons/Damage to Property
Labor and Employment Law/Workers’ Compensation
Real Property Law

To receive a brochure listing each message by category and subccategory, call (213) 896-6440. Brochures in quantities are available upon request.

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