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SOLOCON 2010: The Conference Where Attorneys Learn to Succeed by Leveraging Technology and More

The much-anticipated SOLOCON 2010, now in its third year, returns on June 18. Attorneys can take advantage of early-bird prices when they register by May 28.

SOLOCON 2010—the conference for small firm and solo practitioners—features a variety of programs providing essential opportunities for today’s attorneys:

• Technology for Law Firms
• Building Your Social Media Strategy
• Tips for Opening and Running a Law Firm
• Rainmaking for Small Firms and Solos
• Implementing a Solo Business Plan
• Attracting the Clients You Want
• When Solo Practice is NOT Solo
• Credit Cards and Compliance Issues
• Negotiation Tips

Two of these topics focus in particular on how attorneys can use technology as a marketing tool to gain a competitive edge in their practice.

Technology for Law Firms: Making Use of Low-Cost or Free Technology Daily. While small firms and solo practitioners may have limited technology budgets, they can tap unlimited resources to enable the use of low-cost or free technology. This program will discuss a variety of these opportunities, including:

• Finding free online access to cases and codes.
• Using Web sites to schedule meetings or share documents easily.
• Taking full advantage of applications such as Outlook, Word, or WordPerfect.
• Organizing client files.
• Obtaining secured backups of your data at a low cost.
• Understanding document management programs.
• Finding online virtual assistants, dictation transcription, and similar tools for law firms.

Building Your Social Media Strategy: What Happens in Vegas Stays on Facebook. This session will offer strategies—and lessons learned—to help small firms and solos develop and build their social media footprint. A panel of legal practitioners and marketers will walk participants through developing a social media strategic plan for their solo or small firm practices. Attendees will leave with all the information necessary to start developing their own plan.

These two programs alone offer invaluable information to fortify your practice and its prospects for success. Visit the SOLOCON 2010 Web site to learn more about all the sessions and keynote presentations.

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