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17th Annual DRS Awards Dinner Set for May 5

Dispute Resolution Services will honor LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Hon. Victoria Gerrard Chaney, John Van de Kamp, and Microsoft and Thomas C. Rubin.

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LACBA Dispute Resolution Services will celebrate outstanding achievement in conflict prevention and alternative dispute resolution at its 17th Annual DRS Awards Dinner on May 5, 2010, at the JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE. The event, co-chaired by William B. Fitzgerald and J. Jay Rakow, will recognize these exceptional honorees:

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will receive the 2010 Louis M. Brown Conflict Prevention Award. Chief Beck is renowned for his ability to combine traditional policing methods, community outreach, and the input of diverse stakeholders to form enduring crime abatement programs. These are exemplified by the original Safer Cities Initiative that has been replicated nationally. The award recognizes his work in convening community coalitions as a means to improve public safety and prevent violent confrontation in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The DRS Corporate Award will go to Microsoft Corporation and Thomas C. Rubin, Microsoft’s Chief Counsel for Intellectual Property Strategy. Rubin served as one of the primary negotiators of the UGC (User Generated Content) Principles, a set of comprehensive guidelines that enable the growth and development of user-generated online content while respecting the intellectual property of content owners. The world’s leading Internet and media companies, including The Walt Disney Company, Fox Entertainment Group, Viacom, Dailymotion, CBS, and MySpace, are signatories. His work and Microsoft’s leadership in the negotiation process and active commitment to the result represent the cutting-edge intersection of law, technology, and media.

Associate Justice Victoria Chaney, California Court of Appeal, 2nd District, will receive the Emil Gumpert Judicial Services ADR Award. Prior to her appointment to the court of appeal in July 2009, Justice Chaney served 19 years as a trial judge on the superior court. She is well known for her use of mediation throughout the years she was assigned to the Complex Litigation Division, and for her belief that the most valuable public service takes place behind closed doors in mediation, where the vast majority of the court’s civil docket is resolved.

The Griffin Bell Community Service Award will be presented to John Van de Kamp, former California Attorney General and Los Angeles District Attorney, in recognition of his distinguished career in public service and his volunteer work for many public and private nonprofit organizations. A past president of the State Bar of California, he was most recently president of The Planning and Conservation League and is president emeritus of The California Historical Society. 

Funds raised at the dinner support DRS Youth Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services, an early intervention violence prevention program that trains middle and high school students to resolve disputes peacefully on highly impacted campuses in Los Angeles County. Hundreds of students use peer mediation services as an alternative to physical confrontation. School administrators and teachers integrate DRS mediation and conflict resolution services in their safe school plans. Incidents of violence on school campuses locally and nationally tragically reinforce the urgent need for these programs.

About Dispute Resolution Services. DRS empowers individuals and communities to constructively address conflict through mediation, training and education, and other problem-solving methods. It was a national pioneer of community mediation and established the first school-based peer mediation programs in Los Angeles County, which continue to be national models. DRS envisions a safe, civil, and peaceful society in which people use constructive conflict resolution alternatives to verbal and physical violence and to costly litigation. DRS provides mediation, conciliation, group facilitation services, and training and education programs for the public, schools, and social service, governmental, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations and businesses.

Dinner information. The May 5 event will take place at the JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles, beginning with a reception at 6 p.m. followed by the program and dinner at 7 p.m. For more information or to purchase tables, ads, or tickets, contact Anita Almonte at aalmonte@lacba.org or call 213-896-6537, or register here. 

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