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   March 2010                            Criminal Docket Archive

Volume III, Number 7   


A Message from the Chair

Dear Members,

This issue of The Criminal Docket, presents One Minute Briefs focusing on the laws and guidelines for government representatives investigating child abuse or neglect. Also, in this issue you will find a set of new procedures and forms that provide useful and practical tools for carrying out these investigations.   

The Criminal Justice Section's Executive Committee will honor the best in our profession and their dedication to the practice of criminal law by hosting the Criminal Justice Awards Dinner. We asked our section members to nominate individuals who have consistently demonstrated legal excellence in the field of criminal justice. Please save the date to attend this event on May 20, 2010.

Jodi Zucker Taksar, Chair Criminal Justice Section

Scheduled Events:

In This Issue:

One Minute Briefs from L.A. County District Attorney:

February 4, 2010: Non-revocable Parole. What are the conditions of non-revocable parole?

February 1, 2010: Request for Parent. Is a minor's request for a parent a Miranda invocation?

January 27, 2009: Student Interviews. What procedure should police follow when conducting a schoolhouse interview of a minor alleged to be the victim of abuse in the home?

December 21, 2009: Consular Notification of Arrest. What must law enforcement officers do to comply with federal treaty obligations and state law regarding consular notification of arrests?

December 14, 2009: New Laws, Part 1. Summaries of some new legislation for 2010 affecting law enforcement and prosecutions are provided. The full text of the statutes should be consulted for application.

Forms and procedures enabling representatives of a government agency to investigate suspected child abuse or neglect:

Memorandum of Points and Authorities.

Application for Order to Accommodate Interview.

Declaration in Support of Application for Court Order.

Parental Consent for Police Contact with Minor Child.

Order to Accommodate Interview.

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