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Judge in a Flash 2010: Find Detailed, On-the-Fly Information about Judges in Los Angeles County

When preparing for trial, one of your most important tasks is finding out everything you can about the judge’s track record in court. How often does the judge sustain demurrers with or without leave to amend? How often does the judge grant or deny motions for summary judgment? As your court date approaches, you need the answers to these and many other questions. Getting to know your judge is what Judge in a Flash is all about.

JIF is a special tool built into a standard USB flash drive. Plug your JIF flash drive into a USB port of any computer with an Internet connection, and instantly search and compare key statistical indicators for any of more than 400 superior court judges in Los Angeles County.

LACBA members can order JIF 2010 for only $59 ($89 for non-LACBA members) and immediately begin to measure the judge’s tendencies by viewing the intuitive charts accessible through JIF.

A subscription to JIF is good through a single calendar year, so if you have already experienced the wealth of unique and useful information about judges in your JIF 2009 flash drive from LACBA, now is the time to renew your subscription for 2010.

Here’s what you can accomplish with JIF 2010:

  • You can analyze numerous courtroom scenarios in your daily case work.
  • With JIF’s statistics regarding the frequency of rulings and other events, you can strategize more efficiently to manage your cases and produce the best results.
  • You can gather information and learn about the playing field.

For example, you might want to know how often a particular judge grants or denies a motion for summary judgment. With JIF 2010 you can calculate your chances for success. For your judge: 

  • Look for summary judgment motions granted or denied.
  • Choose the time period.
  • Sample search results: Summary Judgment Granted—2008 to 2010.
  • Results: 15 motions granted in 20 cases.

JIF presents your results in a dashboard format, including intuitive charts for immediate comprehension.

In the courthouse, in opposing counsel’s office, or at your desk, Judge in a Flash provides quick and easy access to the information you need.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on Send feedback to or call Mark Biskeborn at 213-896-6401.

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