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Reaping the Benefits of Online CLE Courses from LACBA

Your time is valuable. Yet, your profession demands that you stay abreast of the changes in the law. Your continuing legal education sharpens your expertise in your competitive and specialized practice, exposing your career and your business to greater opportunities.

LACBA can provide you with flexible access to learning—when and where you want it. 

With its own video streaming platform, LACBA now offers hundreds of CLE programs, including ethics and practice-specific programs, delivered directly to your home or office computer. LACBA’s online CLE courses enable you to select from a wider variety of subjects than ever before—and allow you to learn at the time and place of your choosing. 

To purchase an online CLE course, click on the CLE on Demand link in the left-hand column of most any page on LACBA.org. (You can also arrive at the CLE on Demand page by selecting the Online Courses link in the submenu.) 

Selecting the CLE on Demand link takes you to the CLE Resource Center. Once there, click on Online Courses.

Once you click on Online Courses, you will arrive at CLE on Demand. Click on the CLE on Demand logo.

You next see the Online CLE shopping cart, where you can search and find a particular subject of your interest from hundreds of courses. The form at the top of this shopping cart page enables you to search using keywords, or you can choose a topic from a selected practice area.

By providing you with a simple, flexible way to take CLE courses, LACBA makes it easier than ever for you to remain knowledgeable and competitive in your practice.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on LACBA.org? Send feedback to webmaster@lacba.org or call Mark Biskeborn at 213-896-6401. 

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