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Don’t Let Triskaidekaphobia Impede Your Online Search for Expert Witnesses

Instead of fearing the number 13, know that—LACBA’s online referral directory for expert witnesses, legal consultants, litigation support, lawyer-to-lawyer referrals, and dispute resolution providers—celebrates its 13th year this month as the go-to source for forensic expert searches.

This comprehensive database provides user attorneys with information about experts, highlighting their background, experience, and subject expertise in a number of specific areas such as education, licenses and credentials, prior experience, publications, and areas of expertise. Experts also may choose to post their resume.

To make searches fast and easy, the expert listings are classified into five major areas: 

  • Expert witnesses and consultants
  • Dispute resolution professionals
  • Lawyer-to-lawyer referrals
  • Litigation/legal services
  • Expert witness referral services

Within these five areas, the listings are further classified into hundreds of categories and subcategories for browsing and searching. 

A keyword, name, and company search is also available for more specifically targeted searches.

In addition to using to find qualified experts, LACBA members are invited to participate in e4L’s Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referrals section where attorneys who hold themselves competent in one or more of 50 practice areas can share their expertise with colleagues, providing attorneys with opportunities for:

  • Networking
  • Partnering
  • Mentoring
  • Outsourcing services

The easiest way to get started in the L2L section is to visit and register online.

Bookmark and use for all your forensic expert searches. For more information about, call (213) 896-6470 or e-mail 

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