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LACBA Now Offers Streaming Video

If you have not yet noticed, LACBA has been delivering more and more streaming video. On LACBA’s home page at, you can click on the link titled Video of Participants at LACBA's Grand Opening on September 24, 2009, and view the presentations of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LACBA President Don Mike Anthony as well as LACBA Executive Director Stuart Forsyth, among others. A wide variety of videos are available at, taking you directly to the action, to the people telling the stories about LACBA’s programs and events. The Domestic Violence Project video is one of many where video streaming brings you face to face with the people and their experience. Other videos provide informative talks, such as the half dozen or so Real Property presentations delivered during the Real Property Publications Fair on June 30 of this year.

LACBA’s CLE department now delivers Webinars via streaming video, enabling attorneys to update their skills without the hassles of driving on the smoggy Los Angeles roads. From the convenience of your computer, you can login and participate in a wide variety of CLE programs and earn professional credits. For a quick peek at a CLE Webinar, you can play this video excerpt of Breakfast at the Bar presented on June 18, 2009, now available as a Webinar.

How can you access the videos? Double-click on the link—or the thumbnail—and normally it will open immediately in your browser.

If the video does not open and play automatically, you probably need to install the required video player, Silverlight from Microsoft. Your Web browser will indicate that you need to install the player by displaying this Web page announcement.

To install the player, click on the downward pointing arrow just after the label that reads “Install Microsoft Silverlight.”

Doing this opens a small dialog box that prompts you to confirm that, yes, you wish to install Silverlight. 

Double-click on the “Silverlight.exe” item to download. This installs the video player. That should be it.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on Send feedback to or call Mark Biskeborn at 213-896-6401.


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