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November 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 10 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

  CLE In-a-Box Provides All Compliance Requirements
  Fulfill Your Compliance Conveniently with CLE In-an-iPod
  LACBA Now Offers Streaming Video
  November 17: Future of Legal Education, Role of ADR
  Photos: LACBA's Grand Opening Festivities
  Conference of Delegates: Resolutions Passed
  The Proper Use of Contingent Expert Contracts
  Competitive Intelligence in Law Firms
  Member Benefit: Lawdex Secure Document Exchange
  Member Benefit: Retirement Plans
CLE In-a-Box Provides All Your Compliance Requirements
If your last name starts with A-G, you'll  need 25 hours of CLE credit by February 1. Running low on hours, or perhaps you don't have any CLE credit at this point? Don't worry. LACBA has you covered. With one simple, low-cost purchase of CLE In-a-Box, you can meet all your CLE requirements, including the required subjects and participatory credit.   (more)  

Fulfill Your Compliance Conveniently with CLE In-an-iPod
You can meet all 25 hours of CLE compliance with CLE In-a-Box preloaded onto an iPod Nano or Shuffle. Treat yourself, colleagues, or associates to a gift that will be truly appreciated. Users simply listen to the programming and return the completed paperwork to LACBA.   (more)  

LACBA Now Offers Streaming Video
If you have not yet noticed, LACBA has been delivering more and more streaming video. A wide variety is available at, taking you directly to the action, to the people telling the stories about LACBA's programs and events.   (more)  

Chemerinsky and Rasmussen to Address the Future of Legal Education and the Role of ADR
The 4th Annual Robert I. Weil Lecture takes place on November 17, featuring law school deans Erwin Chemerinsky and Robert Rasmussen, who will share their cutting-edge insights.   (more)  

LACBA Holds Grand Opening Festivities at New Office Location
LACBA showcased its new offices and conference facilities at its official Grand Opening last September 29. The festivities included several special guests plus refreshments, entertainment, and a casino specially set up for the evening. The new digs provide space for large and small meetings, programs, and training workshops. Check out the photos here.   (more)  

Conference of California Bar Associations Passes Seven LACBA Resolutions
Seven LACBA resolutions were passed by the Conference of California Bar Associations at its annual conference last September in San Diego. Resolution authors will work closely with the CCBA Board of Directors and with the conference-paid lobbyist to finetune proposals and locate appropriate legislators to carry the resultant measures, allowing authors an opportunity to take an integral part in improving law. If you are interested in improvements to code sections that affect your clients and practice, consider writing a resolution with a statement of reason that the LACBA Delegation may submit to the next statewide conference.   (more)   

The Proper Use of Contingent Expert Contracts
Can a client and/or attorney enter into a contract with an expert that provides the expert will be paid a percentage of the client's recovery if the client is successful in the litigation for which the expert has been retained? Are contingent expert agreements permissible? Several California cases cast light on this subject.   (more)   

Competitive Intelligence in Law Firms: How Can You Begin?
Just as lawyers perform due diligence in researching the ins and outs of case law, law firms large and small need to investigate the business landscape to improve market intelligence. Not a spy game, CI is information gathered and analyzed to identify ways to improve client service and further develop relationships.   (more)  

Lawdex Secure Document Exchange
Faster and more secure than e-mail, Lawdex SDX allows law firms to send and track correspondence over the Web, including court filings, personal service, copy to opposing counsel, records requests, photos, exhibits, and medical and financial data. LACBA members receive a discount off the standard rate. Additionally, court filing, personal service, subpoenas, and court record retrieval services are available at competitive rates.   (more)   

Retirement Plans
CounselAssure provides retirement programs to help attorneys of large and small practices to accumulate assets for retirement, including 401(k) (or Solo(k) for independent practitioners), SEP, SIMPLE-IRA, traditional, Roth and rollover IRAs, and pension plans. CounselAssure also provides income solutions to help those near or in retirement create an income that lasts a lifetime. Already have an existing plan in place? Contact CounselAssure and request a RetirementPlanAudit, a valuable member-only benefit that audits your plan for best practices in five key areas, including plan design, administration, investments, fiduciary compliance, and employee communication and education. The RetirementPlanAudit is provided complimentary to all LACBA members. To learn more, call CounselAssure toll-free at (866) 799-9795 or click here.   (more)   

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   


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November 5
Understanding California's New E-Discovery Law and Procedure
The program will address California law governing electronic discovery, the scope and frequency of allowable discovery, document preservation obligations, meet-and-confer obligations, the form in which electronic evidence must be produced, and the inadvertent production of privileged information.

November 11
Trial Advocacy Project: Expert Witness Workshop

The workshop provides introductory and advanced level instruction on how to use expert witnesses in civil and criminal actions, with special emphasis on expert testimony. Topics include evidentiary rules, taking and defending depositions, how experts can help and hurt a case, direct and cross-examination, establishing and challenging expert qualifications, and advanced expert testimony techniques.

November 11
Trial Advocacy Project: Witness Examination Workshop

This course provides introductory and advanced level instruction on how to examine a witness under oath. Participants will explore a formula for direct examination, how to lay the foundation for demonstrative evidence, how to create a strategy for cross-examination, how to control the witness, and how to employ advanced techniques, such as leading by prior question and anticipatory rebuttal.

November 19
Balancing Act: When Will Your 201(k) Become a 401(k)?

Financial officers discuss the state of the economy and money matters past, present, and future, plus thoughts about how best to make what you have left work for you.

November 20
Creative Conflict: Facilitating Effective Meetings

This core mediation skills workshop provides participants with an opportunity to learn how to use conflict resolution as a format to help design effective meetings and to learn how to build consensus within meetings in multiparty decision-making situations.

December 8
Getting Clients into Your Law Practice from Google

Learn about search engine optimization fundamentals as well as the benefits of search engine marketing. Discover the elements of a successful law office Web site, what you need to do to be favorably included in Google's index, and how to set up a Google AdWords account in-house.




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