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Conference of California Bar Associations Passes Seven LACBA Resolutions

Write resolutions for the next conference.

The following 2009 LACBA resolutions were passed by the Conference of California Bar Associations (still informally referred to as the Conference of Delegates) at its annual conference held last September in San Diego.

Resolution 2-4-09: Real Property: Notice of Intent to Perfect Adverse Possession Claim (written by LACBA’s Real Property Section, approved in principle)

Resolution 4-7-09: Workers’ Compensation: 60-Day Notice to Employer of a Permanent Disability (approved in principle)

Resolution 5-8-09: Family Law: Single Petition Dissolving Both Marriage and Domestic Partnership (approved in principle)

Resolution 5-10-09: Child Support: DNA Testing to Extend Time to File Motion Challenging Paternity (approved in principle)

Resolution 8-12-09: Good Samaritans: Immunity for Rending Non-Medical Aid (three similar resolutions including LACBA’s were approved in principle)

Resolution 12-8-09: Probate: Extension to Trusts of Hearsay Exception for Statements Regarding Wills (approved in principle)

Resolution 12-11-09: Probate: Notice to Heirs of Deceased Settlor to Joint Trust of Transfer to Co-Settlors (approved in principle)

LACBA resolution 12-10-09 (presumption of irrevocability of decedent settlor’s portion of joint trust) was withdrawn because a similar resolution was debated and approved in principle (12-1-09).

The Los Angeles Superior Court and LACBA’s Litigation Section and Delegation strongly opposed a trial court mediator panel resolution, 13-4-09. This resolution was similar to that opposed by the LACBA Board of Trustees in the previous year, 3-3-08. Following effective lobbying by members of the LACBA Delegation, the proponent of 13-4-09, Beverly Hills Bar Association, withdrew the resolution from the Conference.

The complete list of actions taken at the conference is available here.

Resolution authors work closely with the CCBA Board of Directors and with the conference-paid lobbyist to fine-tune proposals and locate appropriate legislators to carry the resultant measures, allowing authors an opportunity to take an integral part in improving the law. If you are interested in improvements to code sections that affect your clients and practice, please review these and other resolutions at and consider writing resolutions (with statements of reasons) that the LACBA Delegation may submit to the statewide conference.

You may send resolution ideas to the LACBA Delegation chair at any time in care of Grace Danziger at A cut-off date for resolutions to be considered for the next conference will be published when available.

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