General Questions

What are Programs on CD?
CD programs are programs that are available for playback on compact disc. These are audio programs and can be played on standard audio compact disc players in most cars, computers, mobile devices and home systems that play audio compact discs.

What are Webinars?
A Webinar is a program that is broadcast via the web, but does not have a live event attached to it. The speaker broadcasts the webinar from his or her computer.

What is the Calendar of Live Events?
The Calendar of Live Events lists live LACBA/LACBA Section events. Live events provide the opportunity for in-person interaction, including content related interactions, natural networking and social interactions.

How long after viewing the program will I receive my certificate?
Your certificate will be sent via email at least 2-3 days after viewing is completed.

Viewer Related Questions

What is LACBA’s Viewer?

LACBA’s online audio/video player, it allows registered participants to view live, on-demand, or portable presentations—including synchronized support materials such as Power Point slide images—using your Web browser.

What computer equipment will I need to view a LACBA Video Presentation?

Operating System  – Windows, Mac OS, or Linux

Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows 2003, or Windows Vista®
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 SP1 or later, Firefox® 2.0 or later, or Google Chrome 1.0
Windows Media® Player 9.0 or later
Broadband Internet connection (256 Kbps & above)

Apple® Mac® OS X 10.4.8 or later
Apple Safari™ 2.0.4 or later or Firefox 2.0 or later
Microsoft Silverlight® 2.0 or later * REQUIRED
Broadband Internet connection (256 Kbps & above)

What if I can’t view a presentation?

Verify that you have speakers connected to your computer.

Verify that you have Windows Media Player installed.

Verify that the Microsoft Silverlight plugin is installed.

How do I restart the seminar if I stop it or get disconnected?

Re-launch your web browser and click on the link provided by LACBA. You may use the scroll bar to advance to your desired position in the video.

Windows Media Player buffers in the middle of a video and/or the video seems really choppy.

Running the seminar via a Dial-up connection will cause buffering problems.

If there is a lot of internet traffic on the network you are watching from, the seminar will slow down. 

Wireless internet connections occasionally slow the video stream down, causing the video to require buffering.

If the Windows Media Player/Real Player you are using, protocols other than HTTP:

If you are on a Dial-Up connection, the recommended speed is [Normal Speed] (or [Audio Only] for even slower connections); [High-Speed] is meant for DSL/Cable/T1 connections.

Windows video codecs are optimized for Pentium III and run fine on Pentium II, but on a Pentium Processor or lower, they might not work correctly.

Viewer Controls Questions

How do I Play, Pause, and Skip Back?






skip back

Click Play to resume playback after pausing the presentation.
Click Pause to suspend playback.
Click Skip Back to go back 3 seconds in the presentation.

How do I use the video seek bar?

Use the video seek bar to move backward or forward in the presentation.

How do I adjust the video playback speed?

Change the playback speed of an on-demand presentation by using the arrows.

How do I adjust the volume?




Adjust the volume by moving the Volume slider right or left.
Click Mute to turn the audio off. Click it again to turn it back on.

How do I view the program in full-screen video?

Full Screen

Click Full Screen to expand a presentation's video so that it fills the entire screen. Press Esc to exit full-screen mode.
If you are using the Silverlight plugin simply click anywhere on the video screen to expand to full-screen.