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LACBA.org Highlights: Take a Look at Section Web Sites

LACBA section Web sites provide access to training and events, professional networking, and current practice information, all aimed to support your legal specialty.

Each section’s Web site is unique, presenting content for its specialized practice area. Over the past months, LACBA started refreshing these section Web sites, updating about half thus far. This is an ongoing project, similar to maintaining the Golden Gate Bridge, painting it from one end to the other and then repeating the process from the beginning. Content changes all the time, and new events arise every day.

In the screen shot of the Family Law Section Web site below, the information has been reorganized. As the content volume on the site increases over time, it requires new areas, new jump pages, and new navigational menus. In the case of the Family Law Section’s Web site, the menu in the right-hand column has been updated, making it easier to find and access the information, including areas such as Resources/Publications, which contains the Shucart Library, the Family Law Update newsletter archive, Past Program Materials, Links, and other important items that support specialized practitioners in their daily case work.

While most information is available to all LACBA members, there are exceptions. Some section Web sites allow access to certain valuable documents only to its section members. For example, the Environmental Law Section’s event materials are accessible only to those who have joined the section. The Business and Corporations Law Section provides useful information to its members through a members-only login access.

If you haven’t done so in a while, take another look at the section Web sites here.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on LACBA.org? Send feedback to webmaster@lacba.org or call Mark Biskeborn at 213-896-6401.

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