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Nominations Sought for Outstanding Jurist Award

Nominations are being solicited for LACBA’s Outstanding Jurist Award. Each year, the board of trustees selects the recipient(s) from a confidential list of nominees submitted by the Award Committee. Generally, the award should be viewed as recognition of a distinguished career on the bench as well as contributions to the community and the practice of law. The following factors should be considered: judicial ability and experience; judicial temperament and demeanor; knowledge of the law, legal ability, and scholarship; dedication and diligence; contributions to the improvement or education of the legal community; contributions to the community at large; contribution to the practice of law; and judicial independence, integrity, and fairness.

The committee chair is appointed by the president, and the committee vice-chair by the president-elect. The committee has one representative from each of the following LACBA entities: DRS Associates; Committees—Appellate Courts, ICDA, Judicial Appointments, Judicial Election Evaluations, Judiciary; Sections—Business & Corporations Law, Commercial Law & Bankruptcy, Criminal Justice, Family Law, Individual Rights, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation, Remedies, and Trusts & Estates, as well as one representative each from the five largest affiliated geographical bars and the five largest affiliated minority bars.

A candidate must be a state or federal judicial officer in Los Angeles County or anyone who has retired or been elevated from such a position during the two-year period prior to the committee’s first meeting. The committee will submit five nominees to the board. At the board meeting during which the recipient(s) are selected, additional nominees from the floor will not be permitted. To submit a name for consideration, please use the form below.


CONFIDENTIAL: Annual Outstanding Jurist Award Candidate Form

Please print out and return this form by October 29, 2009 to: Hannah Robey, LACBA, PO Box 55020, Los Angeles, CA 90055.

SECTION ONE (optional):  Attach business card to this form.


Name of respective judicial officer

Name of court on which the judicial officer is now serving


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