September 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 8 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Highlights: Judicial Council Forms

As a free benefit, LACBA’s Web site provides members with a rich collection of judicial council forms, courtesy of LexisNexis. LACBA members save enormous amounts of time by using these electronic forms. 

You can easily find the exact forms you need and quickly download them to your computer. Save time by filling out certain parts of the forms that you use over and over again, such as your firm’s information. Then save the form as a template with all the stationary information already completed. You can fill out the details of the form on a case-by-case basis, save it, and file it on your computer under the name or number of a particular case. You can always reopen the form, edit the details, and then e-mail it for further processing among your colleagues or other agencies—plus you can also use the Overflow Option, which enables you to include information that normally doesn’t fits in the traditional paper forms.

To use these judicial council forms, you must have the editing software called HotDocs, which LexisNexis also graciously provides to LACBA members free of charge. By clicking on the link to HotDocs, you can download and install this software on your computer within minutes.

How to Use the Forms

You can find the Judicial Council Forms page by opening LACBA’s Web site and clicking on the Judicial Council Forms link in the dark blue horizontal ban across the top of most any of the Web pages, as indicated in the image below. 

One of the easiest ways to find your desired form is to click on List of All Forms on the Judicial Council Forms Web page.



This List of All Forms will open in your PDF viewer, which includes a search tool as indicated in the screen below. For example, if you know you need the case management statement or the form CM-110, you can search and find the details of this form and its category, Case Management.



Once you know the form’s category, click on the link to the Free California Judicial Council Smart Forms, illustrated in the first screen shot above. This allows you to navigate to the Case Management category and to the link for the form CM-110. By clicking on the link to the particular form you need, it will open in your HotDocs software, as shown below.



LexisNexis offers several other exclusive programs with discounts for LACBA members. Check them out here.

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