September 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 8 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

ACMAS Seeks Volunteer Mediators and Arbitrators

All practice areas are welcome, with a special need for family, criminal law attorneys.

Attorney-Client Mediation and Arbitration Services, administered by LACBA’s Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., needs your help. ACMAS operates the highest volume fee dispute program in California, with the goal to hear each case and render an award in a timely manner so that both attorneys and clients can resolve their disputes and move on.

Without the help of dedicated volunteers, a backlog develops as the caseload increases. Attorneys and clients wait extended periods of time to find relief. Your volunteer efforts are extraordinarily meaningful.

Lawyers practicing in all specialties are needed and welcome, with a particular need for family and criminal law attorneys. Please contact ACMAS if you are able to commit to hearing a minimum of two to four cases within the next 12-month period. If you have volunteered in past years but not recently, give ACMAS a call to let staff know that you are ready and able to actively participate again.

Lay (non-lawyer) arbitrators are also needed in some cases. Feel free to refer interested friends and colleagues representing other professions.

For more information, contact ACMAS at, 213-896-6426, or 213-613-1299 (fax). 

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