August 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 7 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Association Officers Installed, Shattuck-Price Award and Others Presented

The 2009-10 Association officers, Board of Trustees, and Barristers officers were installed at a June 17 dinner at the Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles. Hon. Laurie Zelon received the Association's highest award that evening, the Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award. The dinner also recognized many outstanding individuals. (See photos below.)


  Association officers: Alan Steinbrecher, president-elect; Richard Burdge Jr., vice president; Don Mike Anthony, president; and Eric Webber, senior vice president (from left)   

  Shattuck-Price Award: outgoing LACBA President Danette Meyers; Hon. Laurie Zelon, recipient; Hon. Margaret Morrow;  and Miriam Krinsky (from left)   

  Barristers officers: Laura Shin, trustee; Sarah Luppen, vice president; David Swift, president; David Reinert, president-elect; Kim Clancy, assistant vice president; and Jeffrey Field, treasurer (from left)   

  Outstanding Public Service Award-Barristers AIDS Legal Services Project/HALSA: Laurie Aronoff, project director; President Danette Meyers; and recipient Michael Flattery (from left)   

  Outstanding Public Service Award-Barristers Domestic Violence Project: recipients Alan Steinbrecher and Lisa Atwood seen with President Danette Meyers and Deborah Kelly, directing attorney (from left)   

  Outstanding Public Service Award-Immigration Legal Assistance Project: Mary Mucha, directing attorney; recipients Silvia Martinez and Brigit Greeson Alvarez; seen with President Danette Meyers (from left)   

  Patricia D. Phillips Outstanding Committee Service Award: Christine Goodman, accepting for recipient Ann Park, and Patricia Phillips (from left)   

  Matthew S. Rae Jr. Outstanding Section Leader Award: Matthew Rae and recipient Jeffery Daar (from left)   

  Samuel L. Williams Outstanding Trustee Award: recipients Linda Curtis and Beatriz Dieringer seen with President Danette Meyers (from left)   

  Barristers President's Award: recipient David Swift and outgoing Barristers President Alexander Gareeb (from left)   

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