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The Los Angeles County Bar Association

In response to the economic pressures facing the legal profession, the Los Angeles County Bar Association has taken the proactive approach of providing a number of important resources that addresses "WHAT TO DO IF I AM OR ARE ABOUT TO BECOME UNEMPLOYED."

Resources below are provided as a service of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. If you are not currently a member and would like to become one, please click here to learn more about how LACBA benefits its members and to access an online application.

First Things First: If You Lose Your Job
Check_box.gif  Apply for unemployment insurance. California State. Click here 
Check_box.gif  Contact the California State Bar Association to update your records. Click here 
Career Information Suggestions/Resources 
Check_box.gif  Update your Resume
Check_box.gif If necessary, delete as much as possible any "inappropriate" MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking posts.
Check_box.gif Become more active with the Los Angeles County Bar Association and local and specialty bars to expand your networking. For a calendar listing of all events click here. Join the LACBA Barristers (young attorneys) or Senior Lawyers (seasoned veterans) for more networking opportunities. Click here for application
Check_box.gif Sign up for LACBA Attorney Career Support Forum and the LACBA Career Center, both offer excellent opportunities to share information and bring together the many attorneys whose careers and lives have been disrupted by the current economic crisis and those allied in the legal profession who may be able to provide assistance to those attorneys.
Check_box.gif Additional support can be obtained through the California State Bar Association's Lawyer Assistance Program, providing short-term counseling, career counseling and support recovery programs. Click here

Information on Federal Government Jobs. Click here

Check_box.gif Information on California Civil Service Jobs. Click here
Check_box.gif Information on United States Department of Justice Attorney Vacancies. Click here
Check_box.gif Information listed on the ABA Career Resource Page. Click here
Check_box.gif Information from LACBA's Affinity Partner Legalstaff.com. Click here
Check_box.gif Interested in becoming part of the largest and most respected lawyer referral service in the country? For more information on LACBA's LRIS Panel, Click here
Check_box.gif Interested in becoming part of LACBA's Indigent Criminal Defense Appointment Program? To learn more, Click here
Other Sources 
Check_box.gif Information on COBRA Continuation Health Coverage. Click here
Check_box.gif Cobra Frequently Asked Questions. Click here
Check_box.gif Article on Tips on Protecting Your Credit Rating. Click here
Check_box.gif Federal Trade Commission Site providing information on obtaining your free credit report. Click here
Check_box.gif California Statewide Pro Bono Opportunities. Click here