June/July 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 6 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Nominees Join Board of Trustees in Uncontested Race

Candidates recently nominated by LACBA’s Nominating Committee have been deemed unanimously elected and will automatically join the board of trustees when its new term begins July 1, 2009. An uncontested race resulted when no additional candidates filed petitions to run for office against those nominated by the committee. According to the by-laws, in the event of an uncontested race, candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee automatically assume the positions for which they were nominated.

Officers are Alan K. Steinbrecher, president-elect; Eric A. Webber, senior vice president; and Richard J. Burdge Jr., vice president. The current president-elect, Don Mike Anthony, automatically assumes the presidency on July 1. (Officers serve one-year terms.) 

Six LACBA members joining the board as at-large trustees are Anthony Paul Diaz, Beatriz D. Dieringer, Brian D. Huben, Paul R. Kiesel, Ellen A. Pansky, and Ann I. Park. (Each at-large trustee term is two years.) 

Representing the open rotating affiliated bar association trustee positions are Jacqueline J. Harding, Black Women Lawyers Association of L.A., Inc., and Alec S. Rose, Santa Monica Bar Association. (These affiliate trustee terms are two years.)

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