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   April 2009                            Criminal Docket Archive

Volume III, Number 4   


A Message from the Chair

Dear Members,

     May 7, the big day approaches quickly.
Be sure to register for the Criminal Justice Awards Dinner 2009.

     The Criminal Justice Section's Executive Committee has made a commitment
to honor the best in our profession and their dedication to the practice
of criminal law by hosting this awards dinner.

     We asked our section membership to nominate individuals who have consistently demonstrated legal excellence in the field of criminal justice. On May 7, 2009, we will honor those individuals.

     For this event, you have the golden opportunity to present you and your firm by submitting your information as indicated in the attached instructions. Hurry, the deadline is April 13.


Judge Deborah Sanchez, Chair Criminal Justice Section

Scheduled Events:

Tribute Book Artwork—provide by April 13, for the 2009 Criminal Justice Awards Dinner.
See Instructions to submit now.

In This Issue:

One Minute Briefs from L.A. County District Attorney:

Trial Practice: Felony Murder Merger ISSUE: When does the "merger rule" preclude instructing the jury on second-degree felony murder?

From the Desk of the Supervising Judge, Criminal Division, LA Superior Court:
The following memoranda, issued to Judges in criminal courts, pertain to criminal practice or procedure within Los Angeles County.

Judge Ross Klein discusses Proposition 36 in three parts:
Part 1—cases through February 2009,
Part 2—a reference guide, combining cases with the Penal Code,
Part 3—changes

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