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April 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 4 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

16th Annual DRS Awards Dinner Honors Gilbert Cates, CPR Institute, Hon. Lee Smalley Edmon, and Phillips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra LLP on May 5.    (more) Highlights: Exploring Los Angeles Lawyer Archives
  2009-10 Committee Membership Applications Due April 30
  Nominating Committee Reviews Declarations for June Election
  Emeritus Attorneys Needed for Disabled Veterans
  Gimme 5: Roles for In-House Counsel in Litigation
  Ethics: Civility Guidelines in a Nutshell
  Member Benefit: LexisNexis Legal Research Resources 
  Member Benefit: Insurance Solutions Highlights: Exploring the Los Angeles Lawyer Archives
No matter what your practice area, you can comb the Los Angeles Lawyer archives with easy-to-use search tools to find a plethora of detailed information on diverse areas of law. The articles, written by attorneys, address substantive law issues and reach back more than 10 years.   (more)   

2009-10 Committee Membership Applications Due April 30
LACBA members who wish to be considered for appointment to one or more committees for 2009-10 can download an application here.   (more)   

Nominating Committee Reviews Declarations for June Election
The Nominating Committee has begun its work to nominate one or more LACBA members for each officer and trustee position to be filled in the June election. The committee must complete its work by April 15.   (more)   

Inner City Law Center Seeks Emeritus Attorneys to Provide Pro Bono Legal Services to Disabled Veterans
From World War II and Korean Conflict vets to recent veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans have struggled to overcome the physical and psychological impacts of military service. Emeritus attorneys can help them achieve the financial and medical support these veterans were promised when they signed up to defend the United States.   (more)   

Gimme 5: What Every Lawyer Should Know about Roles That In-House Counsel Can Play in Trial Preparation and at Trial
Much has been written about the critical role of trial counsel, witnesses, and jury consultants at trial. Equal attention should be paid to the various roles that in-house lawyers can perform before and during the trial, and inside and outside the courtroom. Here are five thoughts regarding ways in which in-house counsel can play significant and active roles at trial: enforcing standards, expectations, and company culture; partnering with counsel to report on events at trial and managing expectations regarding the outcome; monitoring reactions of the judge and jury; assisting with preparing witnesses; taking ownership of settlement discussions that arise at trial.   (more)   

Ethics: Civility Guidelines in a Nutshell
Uncivil behavior, sometimes boorish, sometimes rude--but always over-the-top, unnecessary, and often prejudicial--leads to war stories, anger, and frustration among the attorneys on the receiving end. There are probably many reasons why lawyers engage in such behavior, but discovering its cause is not the issue; more important is that there are existing standards for governing attorney conduct during litigation, including trial.   (more)   

LexisNexis Legal Research Resources
LexisNexis offers a number of exclusive programs and benefits for LACBA members through research packages, automated forms, and more.   (more)   

Insurance Solutions
A full line of insurance products is available to LACBA members that includes professional liability insurance, business insurance, workers' compensation, general liability/property, employment practices liability, auto and homeowners, and long-term care.   (more)   

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   


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April 3
Persuasive Legal Writing
This course provides tips on how to persuade a skeptical judge by creating headings, paragraphs, and sentences that embody brevity, simplicity, and clarity, plus key steps for easy drafting and effective editing.

April 20
Looking and Feeling Fine in 2009

Find out about executive weight loss for attorneys, ideas on how to have a healthier lifestyle, and popular weight loss myths, plus a complimentary body composition analysis for all attendees.

April 24
2009 Glendon Tremaine Symposium

Top legal and business experts will discuss recent developments and trends in California and Delaware business and corporate law.

May 1-3
2009 Labor and Employment Law Section Annual Retreat

At La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, earn CLE credit, plus mix and mingle with other labor and employment law practitioners and judiciary members in social and other informal activities. Non-section members are welcome.

May 5
38th Annual Crocker Symposium on Real Estate Law and Business

The current economic climate and the environmental and financial regulatory systems intended to support it are going through unprecedented challenges and profound changes, with acute impact on the real estate industry. The program provides discussion and analysis of the latest developments by industry leaders.

May 7
Criminal Justice Awards Dinner 2009

The dinner honors the best in the profession who have consistently demonstrated legal excellence and dedication in the practice of criminal law.

May 9
41st Annual Family Law Symposium

The symposium provides a comprehensive update on topics relevant to family law including proof and presentation issues, fiduciary duties relative to confidentiality in mediation, disclosures as they are impacted by technology, issues that involve both family law and probate, and an update on new case law and legislative trends.

Real Estate Settlement Practices Act, Truth in Lending Act and Escrow Liability

Real Estate Finance Updates

Regulation of Greenhouse Gases: Cap & Trade v. Command & Control

Top 10 Legal Issues Facing Private Equity Investors Who Unwittingly Have Become Developers

Understanding AB32: Carbon Footprints and Their Implications to Landlords, Tenants and Developers

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