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Join Our Voice in the Legal Community by Participating on LACBA Committees

Use the application form (PDF available here) to indicate your interest in serving on LACBA committees. Deadline to submit: April 30, 2009.

Whether the issue affects the law, the profession, the justice system or society, LACBA committees have earned a respected reputation for playing a lead role in the study and analysis of these matters, and in establishing the voice of the legal profession by providing guidance and commentary to appropriate entities.

Our collective voice helps define the profession by providing comment on regulatory proposals and legislative measures as well as filing amicus briefs at the local, state, and national levels that not only affect substantive areas of law but also the way attorneys practice law—and our members have real impact.

Committees often recommend actions to LACBA’s Board of Trustees that advocate reforms affecting each and every attorney and the way business is conducted in our courtrooms and community.

Among other things, committees produce and publish judicial evaluations to assist the public in electing competent judicial officers, protect the judiciary from unwarranted attack, and investigate criticism of judicial performance through formal and informal complaint procedures.

Committees provide members with opportunities to work with judges and other attorneys in specific or diverse areas.

For more information about applying for membership on committees, contact Judy Jacobson at or call (213) 896-6430.

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