March 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 3 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Highlights: Increased Interest in Jobs and Office Space Bulletin Boards

Just like everyone else these days, the legal community is feeling the economic pinch. LACBA is doing whatever it can to help. 

Members have shown an increased interest in LACBA’s online Jobs and Office Space bulletin boards as legal professionals look for new jobs and adjust their office space, perhaps as a need to downsize or readapt.

In response to this heightened usage, recently added new, more accessible links in its main menu.

Now, when you move your mouse-cursor to hover over Resources in the menu (the left-hand column on any page in, the fourth item from the top is Bulletin Boards. When the mouse-cursor hovers over Bulletin Boards, two options appear: Jobs and Office Space.

Depending on your browser, you may have to click on Resources rather than hover. Once the jump page appears, click on Jobs or Office Space.

Jobs Offered or Wanted

LACBA presents the Jobs Bulletin Board for anyone working in the legal profession. The announcements for jobs wanted or jobs offered arrive from various sources. All types of legal jobs range from clerical work to paralegal or from associate attorneys to high-level corporate or executive judicial council positions in government or in private firms. The jobs are located mostly in California but also include opportunities all over the United States.

To avoid overwhelming this bulletin board, LACBA’s policy does not allow employment agencies to post announcements. Only law firms or individual legal professionals may post here.

Please note also that LACBA does not handle questions regarding any of the job postings. Be sure to direct your inquiries about the jobs offered or wanted to the contact person mentioned in the announcement.

LACBA provides this service free of charge as a benefit to its members and makes no representations or warranties regarding the job postings.

If you wish to post a job announcement, please fill out the online Job Announcement Request Form or send an e-mail to

Office Space Bulletin Board

LACBA lists Office Space Marketplace announcements—one of the most focused bulletin boards just for legal professionals—as another great benefit to its members. Bargains appear often, as indicated by the board's current listings. The spaces offered are almost always located in Los Angeles.

To announce available office space, please send your posting to

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on Send feedback to or call Mark Biskeborn at 213-896-6401. 

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