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March 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 3 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

  LACBA Moves to New Offices on March 16 Highlights: Jobs, Office Space Bulletin Boards
  New Guidelines for Genetic Testing Approved by Board
  Committee Membership: Join Our Voice in the Legal Community
  Board Election Declarations Due
  Barristers Election Process Begins
  Dispute Resolution Services Fundraising Dinner Set for May 5
  Gimme 5: Conducting Effective Internal Investigations
  Ethics: Human Error or Moral Turpitude?
  Member Benefit: RPost Registered E-Mail
  Member Benefit: Hutchings Court Reporters
LACBA Moves to New Offices on March 16
On March 16, 2009, LACBA will begin operating at 1055 W. 7th Street, Suite 2700, in downtown Los Angeles. The new location will provide LACBA with many opportunities to better serve members and  the legal profession. In anticipation of the move, LACBA will be closed on Friday, March 13, and expects to resume normal operations smoothly and seamlessly at its new home on March 16.   (more) Highlights: Increased Interest in Jobs and Office Space Bulletin Boards
Just like everyone else these days, the legal community is feeling the economic pinch. LACBA is doing whatever it can to help. Members have shown an increased interest in LACBA's online Jobs and Office Space bulletin boards as legal professionals look for new jobs and adjust their office space, perhaps as a need to downsize or readapt.   (more)  

New Guidelines for Genetic Testing Approved by Board
The Guidelines for Physicians Concerning Decisions about Genetic Testing, written by the Joint LACBA-LACMA Committee on Biomedical Ethics, have been approved by the boards of both associations. The guidelines are intended to answer some of the ethical, medical, legal, and cultural concerns associated with a decision to undergo genetic testing. The guidelines are also meant to assist physicians in preparing themselves to discuss these important issues with their patients.   (more)  

Join Our Voice in the Legal Community by Participating on LACBA Committees
Whether the issue affects the law, the profession, the justice system or society, LACBA committees have earned a respected reputation for playing a lead role in the study and analysis of these matters, and in establishing the voice of the legal profession by providing guidance and commentary to appropriate entities.   (more)  

Board Election Declarations Due
LACBA members seeking nomination by the Nominating Committee for LACBA officer and at-large trustee positions to be voted on in June are required to submit a declaration of intent to seek such nomination no later than March 17, 5:00 p.m.  (more)  

Barristers Election Process Begins
The 2009 Barristers election process begins March 12, the first day to file a self-nominating petition for one of the seven 2-year positions on the Barristers Executive Committee or for the offices of Barristers president-elect or vice president.   (more)  

Dispute Resolution Services Fundraising Dinner Set for May 5
Mark your calendar for May 5, the date of the 2009 Dispute Resolution Services Annual Awards Dinner, which raises funds for community and school/youth conflict prevention programs while recognizing outstanding personal and organizational contributions to alternative dispute resolution. Watch for more information next month.   (more)  

Gimme 5: Conducting Effective Internal Investigations
The number of employment claims is expected to skyrocket with more massive and frequent lay-offs, the rise in whistleblowers, and corners being cut by struggling enterprises. And since failure to conduct a sufficient investigation can create an independent cause of action against the company, the need for effective internal investigations following these claims has never been more important. In some circumstances, a well-run internal investigation can provide a complete defense, and in most circumstances, it can drastically limit liability.   (more)  

Ethics: To Err is Human, Or is It Moral Turpitude?
Many lawyers find it hard to believe that negligent failure to provide legal services can rise to the level of a disciplinary offense, let alone that repeated failure to perform may be sufficient to constitute an act of moral turpitude. However, the State Bar of California regularly charges lawyers with alleged violations of Business and Professions Code Section 6106, based on negligent acts such as failure to comply with trust account rules, and repeatedly failing to provide legal services with competence. It is a mistake to assume that the State Bar will decline to investigate a lawyer's extended period of gross inattention to client matters notwithstanding a lawyer's lengthy history of blemish-free practice.   (more)  

RPost Registered E-mail
RPost Registered E-Mail is the legal standard for accountability in electronic business communications, with the credibility of premier customers, industry association endorsements, and big brand resellers. Unlike traditional Internet e-mail, Registered E-Mail provides the sender with legal and verifiable evidence that the e-mail was sent and delivered with proof of the original content of the e-mail. The proof is in the form of an electronic receipt, which is returned to the sender by e-mail in a tamper-detectable form that can be authenticated at any time.   (more)   

Hutchings Court Reporters
Services include 24-hour global scheduling of court reporters, conference rooms, video, interpreters, real-time, imaging, videoconferencing, and technology support. Preferred LACBA rates are available.   (more)   

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)  

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March 7
Los Angeles Superior Court Litigation Program
Presented by judges and prominent trial attorneys, this program offers a general overview of the Los Angeles Superior Court, including valuable ideas for successful pretrial and trial techniques, and a discussion of common pitfalls to avoid in the courtroom.

March 10
Older but Wiser: Job Search Strategies for Experienced Lawyers

How can older attorneys increase their employability? Two experienced legal recruiters offer pragmatic advice about today's job market. Turn your maturity into a job search "plus."

March 19
The Seven Deadly Sins in a Case Headed for Appeal

Topics include the omission from pleadings and/or trial of a claim, defense, or theory warranted by the evidence; failing to recognize an appealable pretrial order or an order reviewable only by writ; and failing to make an adequate record for appellate review, among others.

March 26, 27
Immigration Law Training Course

This training is designed for attorneys who are new to the field of immigration law or who have been practicing in the field for less than one year.

March 27
23rd Annual Environmental Law Super Symposium: New Administration, New Directions in Environmental Law

Panelists will cover environmental priorities under the Obama Administration, the AB32 Scoping Plan, and judges' perspectives on environmental law, plus two break-out sessions and luncheon/keynote address.

March 31
29th Annual Labor and Employment Law Symposium

Among other highlights, this year's symposium includes an update of significant developments during the past year, plenary sessions addressing how the current economic climate and the incoming administration will affect labor and employment law, and a keynote address by Phyllis Cheng, Director of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

March 31, April 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15
30-Hour Basic Mediation Training

The training includes small group exercises and roleplaying designed for persons who wish to satisfy the classroom requirements of the California Dispute Resolutions Act of 1998.

The Air Standard Purchase & Sale Agreement: The Form with the Substance

Credit Card Basics: Put Your Cash Flow Woes to Rest. Gain Clients and Get Paid Through Credit Card Acceptance.

Detection and Treatment of Substance Abuse

Asset Protection in a Troubled Economy

"The Most Important Land Use Legislation in 30 Years": What SB 375 Means For Public Agencies, Developers, and Their Lawyers"

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