February 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 2 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

En Banc Offers Attorneys a Chance to Shine

You are invited to become a contributor.

En Banc—LACBA’s group blog—offers attorneys of every specialty a place to publish their analysis of current legal developments.

Decisions, legislation, politics, and other topical legal matters all are open for discussion. 

En Banc provides attorneys with an opportunity to let their knowledge and expertise reach a growing audience. 

  • Recently, for example, En Banc examined the finality of arbitration awards, the division of church property after an internal split, and Anita Busch’s dramatic in-court statement at the Pellicano trial. At En Banc, lawyers can inform and be informed about the issues of the day that affect Los Angeles attorneys.

Attorneys can take advantage of technological tools such as category or author searches to collect only the material they want to review. They can read this material at the blog's home page or via syndication.

  • Attorneys of all levels of technical experience may participate. Editor Eric Howard (213.896.6456) can guide new contributors through the process of signing up and posting new entries on the blog. Those who are more experienced with online posting can simply ask for an invitation. After only a few minutes, contributors can see their new posts! Visit En Banc, bookmark it, and leave a comment.

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