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Find Detailed, Online Information about Los Angeles Superior Court Judges with Judge in a Flash

This new LACBA exclusive is now available for the member price of $59* (nonmember price of $89*) *plus $5 shipping. Order now.

Powered by the LACBA Searchable Superior Court Civil Register, LACBA’s new Judge in a Flash is the best way for practitioners to get detailed information about judges quickly—organized in a way that allows fast analysis of a particular judge’s case background.

Judge in a Flash is a narrow, fixed slice of the much larger database that creates the Searchable Superior Court Civil Register. Unlike the Register, searches by Judge in a Flash focus on statistical information on how judges manage cases, presenting this number-crunching information in clear, easy-to-read charts.

How Judge in a Flash Works

Judge in a Flash is a special tool built into a standard USB flash drive. Insert the JIF flash drive into a computer with a USB port and an Internet connection. Within seconds, you can access four unique features to analyze a judge: 

1. Enter a single judge’s name, and get a statistical chart on selected case activity since 1997.

2. Enter up to three judges’ names, and get a statistical chart comparing case activity for all three judges.

3. Click on any of the 21 activity categories in a judge's chart, and instantly the five most recent cases for that category will display—including the attorneys and parties that recently appeared in front of that judge for that category.

4. Click on any of those five most recent cases, and immediately jump to the Los Angeles Superior Court Web site display of that particular case summary—showing all attorneys and parties involved, documents filed, and proceedings held in that case according to court records. The data is updated at least weekly so the information is always current.

Statistical profiles include:

  • Peremptory challenges filed against a judge
  • Demurrers sustained with or without leave to amend
  • Motions for summary judgment granted and denied
  • Days spent in trial
  • Attorney fees awarded
  • Injunctions granted and denied
  • Motions for new trials granted and denied
  • Class actions certified
  • Arbitration awards vacated
  • Continuances granted and denied

Judge in a Flash is available to LACBA members for $59* and to nonmembers for $89*  (*plus $5 shipping).

For more information about Judge in a Flash, read the FAQ. Then purchase the 2009 Judge in a Flash online for yourself or a colleague, or call LACBA’s Member Service Department at (213) 896-6560 to order by phone.


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