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February 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 2 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Mark your calendar for March 26, 2009.

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  Judge in a Flash Provides Online Data on Superior Court Judges
  Use My Practice Feature to Supply Practice Information
  Find Strategic Intelligence with the Searchable Civil Register
  Trial Attorney Project 2009 Schedule
  LACBA's Legal Blog Offers Attorneys a Chance to Shine
  LACBA Election Process Begins
  Gimme 5: Title Insurance
  Ethics: Ethical Challenges in the Use of Electronic List Services
  Member Benefit: Sequoia Financial Services
  Member Benefit: Lawdex Secure Document Exchange
Find Detailed, Online Information about Los Angeles Superior Court Judges with Judge in a Flash
Searches by Judge in a Flash focus on statistical information on how judges manage cases, presenting this number-crunching information in clear, easy-to-read-charts. Statistical profiles include peremptory challenges filed against a judge, demurrers sustained, motions for summary judgment granted and denied, attorney fees awarded, injunctions granted and denied, and continuances granted and denied.   (more)   

Increase the Value of Your LACBA Membership by Using the LACBA My Practice Feature
The My Practice online form allows LACBA members to quickly and conveniently provide additional, unique information about their practice, enabling LACBA to design and offer better benefits.   (more)   

Access Strategic Intelligence in Myriad Courtroom Situations with LACBA's Searchable Civil Register
Whether you are a veteran subscriber or a newcomer, learning about new ways to access the information on LACBA's Searchable Civil Register can put you in a position of power and help you build a winning strategy.   (more)   

Get Trial Experience Fast through the Trial Advocacy Project
Traditional TAP is a unique course where attorneys receive comprehensive, in-depth trial advocacy training and actual trial experience. Over time, TAP has expanded to include additional courses: Introductory TAP, the Seminar Series, and the Workshop Series. Take a look at the 2009 catalog of courses.   (more)   

En Banc Legal Blog Offers Attorneys a Chance to Shine
En Banc, LACBA's legal blog, offers attorneys of every specialty a place to publish their analysis of current legal developments. Decisions, legislation, politics, and other topical legal matters all are open for discussion. You are invited to become a contributor.   (more)   

2009 LACBA Election Process Begins
The first step of the 2009 election process is ready to begin with the designation and selection of Nominating Committee members. Read about the work of the committee and the election deadline schedule.   (more)   

Gimme 5: What Every Lawyer Should Know about Title Insurance
Real estate transactions often depend on the ability of the owner or lender to obtain an acceptable form of title insurance. What is title insurance, and how does it differ from other types of insurance? What are the differences between CLTA and ALTA coverage? What are some common exclusions and exceptions? What are title insurance endorsements, and how do they differ in California? What happens to title policyholders in the event a title insurance company becomes insolvent?   (more)   

Ethics: Ethical Challenges in the Use of Electronic List Service Communications
In the modern world, attorneys often employ methods of communicating with clients and others that had not been imagined just a few years ago. Even though our system of ethical rules may not have kept up with advances in technology, it is encumbent on every attorney to ensure that basic ethical requirements are observed regardless of the form of communication employed.   (more)   

Sequoia Financial Services
Sequoia Financial Services is an M/WBE, SBE-certified, full-service, nationwide collection agency. Sequoia houses a collection unit within its legal department that focuses solely on the recovery of assigned judgment files. This special team of collectors, paralegals, and support staff are well versed and trained on the latest methods of post-judgment collection techniques.   (more)   

Lawdex Secure Document Exchange
Faster and more secure than e-mail, Lawdex SDX allows law firms to send and track all their correspondence over the Web including filings into the court, personal service, copy to opposing counsel, records requests, photos, exhibits, and medical and financial data. LACBA members can take advantage of competitive rates.   (more)   

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   


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February 19
Investigations: The Secret Weapon of Winning Trials
Competent, aggressive, elegant investigators are the secret weapon of any successful lawyer. Overwhelming admissible facts and vetted witnesses can be key, and getting your investigator out in the field first is critical.

February 24
Senior Lawyers Division and Barristers Roundtable Mentoring Event

Select your preferred table topics and interact with judges and experienced senior lawyers who will share best practices, present new ideas, and provide expert advice.

March 4
Forensics Technology in Litigation 101 WEBINAR

Take a look at the evolution of computer forensics and how cutting-edge law firms are harnessing forensic technology to give their clients a substantial advantage in civil and criminal litigation.

March 5
2009 Outstanding Corporate Counsel Award Dinner

This year's honoree will be Charles E. Michaels, vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary, LAACO, Ltd. Ben Stein, noted commentator, actor, and television host, will be the featured speaker.

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