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January 2009 • Vol. 29 No. 1 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association



  Judge in a Flash: On-the-Fly Information about L.A. Judges
  CLE Countdown: LACBA Can Help with Last-Minute Needs
  Directory of Experts & Consultants Arrives Later This Month
  Last-Chance CLE Replays
  Domestic Violence Project Needs Volunteers
  Lawyers Orchestra Forming for January Debut
  Gimme 5: Litigating Real Estate Fraud Cases in California
  Wood's Words: Professionalism in Legal Argument
  Ethics: Resolutions for an Ethical, Profitable Law Practice
  LexisNexis: Legal Research Products
  Affiniscape: Credit Card Payment Processing
  CoreVault: Online Data Backup and Recovery Services
Judge in a Flash: Your Best Online Source for Detailed, On-the-Fly Information about Los Angeles Superior Court Judges
No serious civil litigator should be without this inexpensive, inside information tool. Powered by the LACBA Searchable Superior Court Civil Register, Judge in a Flash provides fast analysis of a particular judge's case background, including peremptory challenges; demurrers sustained; motions, continuances, and injunctions granted and denied; and attorney fees awarded, among other criteria.   (more)  

CLE Countdown: Compliance Period for Group H-M Ends January 31, 2009
LACBA is the one stop for all your last-minute CLE needs, including a 25-hour CD replay package (also available pre-loaded onto the latest 8 GB Apple Nano), the January 29-31 Last Chance Replay event, individual live programs, online courses, downloads, self-study articles, and other convenient and affordable products.   (more)   

Annual Southern California Directory of Experts & Consultants Arrives Later This Month as a Free Benefit to LACBA Members
The directory comprises the most comprehensive registry of legal expertise in the region with hundreds of pages of medical, technical, scientific, and forensic witnesses. Watch for it in your mailbox. In the meantime, visit to find experts, consultants, and dispute resolution professionals.   (more)   

Last Chance CLE Replays Take Place January 29-31
Need to comply by January 31, 2009? If you need participatory credit, join LACBA for a 25-hour last chance to complete your requirements.   (more)   

Help Stop the Cycle of Abuse by Becoming a Volunteer with LACBA's Domestic Violence Project
LACBA's Domestic Violence Project needs volunteers to interview clients and assist in the completion of paperwork for restraining orders. Last year alone, the project assisted more than 6,000 abused clients. The project operates at two superior court locations: Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena. The next training session for new volunteers will be held on January 27.   (more)  

Lawyers Orchestra Forming for January Debut
Judges and attorneys who are advanced musicians with orchestral experience are invited to apply.   (more)  
Gimme 5: What Every Lawyer Should Know about Litigating Real Estate Fraud Cases in California
The meteoric rise of the Southern California real estate market from 2000 to 2007 enabled many Californians to buy or refinance homes with little or no down payment or evidence of income. The resulting credit crisis has brought with it waves of defaults, foreclosures, repossessions, and a growth in real estate fraud litigation. To assess the existence and merit of these claims, practitioners must keep in mind several issues, including required licensing for brokers and salespeople, brokers' vicarious liability, licensees' fiduciary duties, unaffordable new loans, and red flags for lenders.   (more)   

Wood's Words: Professionalism in Legal Argument
The old saw teaches that when the facts are against you, argue the law; when the law is against you, argue the facts. When both are against you, bang the table. And banging the table—even with your head—is a better move than trying to play Three-Card Monte with the authorities.   (more)   

Ethics: New Year's Resolutions for an Ethical and Profitable Law Practice
New Year’s resolutions go in one year and out the other. Despite the odds and the strong gravitational pull of habit and past practice that conspire to oppose change, here are some suggestions that, if adopted, will really help you sleep better, feel better, and have a less stressful legal practice in 2009 and beyond.   (more)   

LexisNexis offers a number of exclusive programs and benefits for Los Angeles County Bar Association members. Read about the latest offerings in legal research packages, automated forms, case law, and others.   (more)   

A Law Firm Merchant Account allows you to accept and correctly process credit card payments by safeguarding and separating client funds into trust and operating accounts. By providing additional payment options to your clients, you can improve cash flow and reduce collections.   (more)   

CoreVault provides online data backup and recovery services that are automated and centrally managed to help law firms protect critical data from disasters and conserve law firm electronic resources. Service features include special pricing for LACBA members, data replication to two private data centers, data compression and encryption at 256 bit AES, 24/7 restoration of single files and e-mails, regulatory compliance, continuous data protection, local storage for fast restore, and superior customer service.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)  

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January 5
Looking and Feeling Fine in 2009

Executive weight loss consulting for attorneys, ideas on how to have a healthier lifestyle, and popular weight loss myths. Complimentary body composition analysis for all attendees.

January 8
Paperless Communication with Clients
Technologies that help law firms serve clients by communicating more efficiently and effectively will be covered, including certified delivery e-mail services, online document review, and digital signatures.

January 16
Persuasive Legal Writing

Tips for writing that embody brevity, simplicity, and clarity. Learn to write clear, compelling prose and edit effectively.

January 16
2009 Trusts and Estates Symposium

A look at multigenerational conflicts of interest, new no-contest legislation, and a beneficiary's right to information from trustees.

January 20
2009 Bench Meets the Bar: Annual Litigation Section Luncheon for Federal and State Court Judicial Officers

Updates on issues of current concern to the courts plus the presentation of the 13th Annual Clerk of the Year Award.

January 24
2009 Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Symposium

Substance addiction and abuse in the legal profession with a focus on practitioners in the entertainment industry; legal ethics and related issues of importance to entertainment, media, and intellectual property practitioners; the impact of gender bias on negotiations.

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