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CLE Countdown: Compliance Period for Group H-M Ends January 31, 2009

LACBA is the one stop for all your CLE needs:

CLE In-a-Box: This 25-hour CD replay package (including materials on CD) is designed to meet all your CLE compliance needs from the comfort and convenience of your office, home, or car. Each CLE In-a-Box includes information on applying programs to either participatory or self-study credit.

CLE In-an-iPod: You can get this year’s CLE In-a-Box pre-loaded on the latest 8 GB Apple Nano for your convenience. And with all the advantages of CLE In-a-Box packaged together with a great new iPod, there is still room for a movie or two plus hundreds of your favorite songs.

Last Chance CLE Replay, January 29-31: Join LACBA for a 25-hour last-chance replay to obtain your CLE credit.

Live Programs: LACBA presents more than 200 affordable live programs annually.

Online Courses: Hundreds of LACBA programs are offered via the Internet.

CLE Downloads: Files can be downloaded to your computer and transferred to your iPod or MP3 device.

Tapes and CDs: Search the LACBA catalog to find individual CDs and tapes for purchase.

Self-Study Articles and CLE Tests: Los Angeles Lawyer magazine offers self-study tests for one hour of CLE credit (available in the magazine or online).

CLE+Plus Membership: The most affordable way to earn your CLE credits, including free access to most live programs.

CLE+Plus Membership for Law Firms: A transferable pass for law firms—a LACBA exclusive that is sure to save your firm money and time.

For more information, click on the above links or call the LACBA Member Service Department at (213) 896-6560.

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