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December 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 11 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

LACBA Can Help with Wildfire Legal Assistance
Disaster-related information and assistance are available on LACBA's Disaster Resources Web page.   (more)


  CLE In-An-iPod: The Perfect Gift for Colleagues, Associates
  expert4law: Find Experts Fast
  What's New at Managing Your LACBA E-Mail
  Foundation: Donate Now during Annual Fund Drive
  Amicus Support in Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles
  Opposition to Releasing Bar Exam Applicant Data
  Ethics: New Federal Rule of Evidence 502 
  Gimme 5: Employees and Independent Contractors
  Wood's Words: The Tips and Traps of Lawyerly E-Mailing
  Member Benefit: T-Mobile Premiere Discount Program
CLE In-An-iPod: The Perfect Gift for Your Colleagues and Associates
The newest 8GB Apple Nano comes preloaded with 25 hours of CLE credit to satisfy your requirements and more than 7 GB left to fill with plenty of music, movies, and media. The package also includes a back-up CD of all programs, a materials disc, and paperwork for documenting your CLE credit.   (more)  

Target Your Online Hunt for Experts Quickly and Easily at
The comprehensive database provides user attorneys with information about experts, highlighting their background, experience, and subject expertise in a number of specific areas such as education, licenses and credentials, prior experience, publications, and areas of expertise. Listings are classified into five major areas containing hundreds of categories and subcategories for browsing and searching.   (more)  

What's New at Managing Your LACBA

LACBA provides our members with information to help you with your work, including newsletters and announcements for the 20-odd practice areas plus the Daily EBriefs and the cases you subscribe to specifically. Here are several options for selecting the types of messages you receive from LACBA.   (more)  

Donate Now during the Bar Foundation's Annual Fund Drive
Have you stopped to consider which law-related charities will benefit from your generosity before this year ends? Given the current state of the economy, most charitable organizations are bracing for possible decreases in charitable donations just when services are most needed. Your contribution is more important than ever this year.   (more)  

Trustees Support Judges' Benefits in Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles Amicus Brief
The issue concerns whether nonsalary benefits for Los Angeles Superior Court judges can be added to salaries determined by the legislature.   (more)  

Trustees Support State Bar's Opposition to Releasing Bar Exam Applicant Data
A law professor wants to use data to evaluate the effects of affirmative action, but concerns include the applicants' right to privacy and due process with respect to notice and opportunity to opt in or out of the proposed study.   (more)  

Ethics: New Federal Rule of Evidence 502
Who can keep up with all the devices litigators have developed to manage discovery burdens and privilege waiver in the electronic era, much less remain current on whether courts are respecting the agreements, enforcing them as to litigants, government agencies, and third parties, or rejecting them? New Federal Rule of Evidence 502 makes the job a bit easier for lawyers worried about the inadvertent waiver of a privilege or work product protection in cases with voluminous documents. Some commentators, however, believe Congress has overstepped its legislative authority and reached too far into the traditional prerogative of states to control their rules of privilege and their regulation of the professional obligations of attorneys.   (more)  

Gimme 5: What Every Lawyer Should Know about the Difference between Employees and Independent Contractors
Companies considering whether to classify individuals as employees versus independent contractors must consider complex legal issues and ramifications that are often underestimated, including the fundamental difference between an employee and an independent contractor, how one decides who is an employee and who is an independent contractor, why it matters, the perception of independent contractor status, and the impact of incorrectly classifying workers.   (more)  

Wood's Words: The Tips and Traps of Lawyerly E-Mailing
The storm of e-mails engulfing lawyers has become a blizzard, and reading and responding can consume several hours a day. E-mailing is an embedded part of every lawyer's life; as a result, the profession has reached near unanimity on do’s and don’ts for incorporating good writing into lawyerly e-mail.   (more)  

T-Mobile Premiere Offers 10 Percent Discount on Monthly Recurring Charges
LACBA members can take advantage of a 10 percent discount on monthly recurring charges from T-Mobile. With a nationwide network offering voice and data services, along with substantial international coverage throughout the world, T-Mobile consistently launches a variety of products that benefit users from home or office.   (more)   

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December 9
Asset Protection in a Troubled Economy
Specific planning strategies and solutions, including planning with community property, business entities, and domestic and foreign trusts; special emphasis on protecting assets from lenders.

December 11
Advanced PowerPoint 2007 for Litigators

How to organize a case visually; which strategies using animations, colors, and techniques work best in litigation scenarios.

December 13
Ethics 2008: Keeping Current in a World of Change

Ethics for the criminal lawyer, year-end review of new ethics opinions and case law, conflicts of interest, lawyer civility: is it an oxymoron?

December 17
Go Paperless: Increase Efficiency, Increase Profits, and Compete with Large Firms WEBINAR

Rules governing electronic data discovery, technology that makes it happen, and how attorneys can take advantage of EDD to find exactly what they are looking for.

January 27
Domestic Violence Project Volunteer Training

Volunteers interview clients and complete legal documents to obtain restraining orders, a necessary first step in handling domestic violence situations.

January 29
Last Chance Replay

Need to complete your CLE compliance by January 31, 2009? If you need participatory CLE credit, join us for a 25-hour last chance replay.

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