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November 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 10 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

  Introducing CLE In-An-iPod: Fulfill Your Requirements
  What's New at Easier Access to Court Navigator
  November 13: Retention and Promotion of Women Lawyers
  Trustees Vote to Oppose Proposition 8
  Bar Foundation: Changes in Ralphs Community Contributions
  Conference of Delegates Passes Five LACBA Resolutions
  Gimme 5: Bankruptcy in These Difficult Financial Times
  Ethics: The Screening Debate Continues
  Wood's Words: Persuasive Legal Writing: Reason vs. Emotion
  Member Benefit: Long-Term Care Insurance
Introducing CLE In-An-iPod: Taking an Already Great Product to the Next Level
This year’s original CLE In-a-Box comes pre-loaded on the latest 8GB Apple Nano for your convenience. And with all the advantages of CLE In-a-Box packaged together with a great new iPod, there is still room for a movie or two plus hundreds of your favorite songs.   (more)  

What's New at Easier Access to Court Navigator Products
Because attorneys find LACBA's Court Navigator family of tools for accessing current case, party, and attorney information in Los Angeles County useful in their daily practice, LACBA has updated the pages that describe the five products contained in the Court Navigator product suite.   (more)  

November 13: Law Firm Leaders’ Summit—Practical Ways to Retain and Promote Women Lawyers
As a result of the efforts by a joint task force of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and Women Lawyers Association of  Los Angeles, the summit will provide an opportunity for Los Angeles-area managing partners and others in law firm leadership to discuss with each other and with distinguished panelists the different approaches and strategies firms are using to promote and retain women, including why/how to maintain focus during the current economic turbulence.   (more)  

Trustees Vote to Oppose Proposition 8
Association trustees voted to oppose Proposition 8, which seeks to overturn the recent ruling of the California Supreme Court affirming the fundamental civil right of all California couples to marry if they so choose. The trustees both supported a resolution on this topic that had been adopted by the Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations and also adopted their own resolution.   (more)  

Bar Foundation: Ralphs Community Contributions Program Changes
Subsequent to the announcement in the September Update about how to sign up for the Ralphs Community Contributions Program to help the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation as your “charity of choice,” Ralphs supermarkets has established a new log-in procedure because its Web site is now “secure.”   (more)  

Conference of Delegates Passes Five LACBA Resolutions
Five 2008 LACBA resolutions addressing criminal fines, automobile dealers, probate, real property, and child support were passed by the Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations at its annual conference held last September in Monterey.   (more)  

Gimme 5: What Every Lawyer Should Know about Bankruptcy after 2005 and in These Incredibly Difficult Financial Times
Bankruptcy still exists. Bankruptcy won't modify a home mortgage. The automatic stay is now only semi-automatic. Financial education is now a mandatory part of bankruptcy. Get friendly with a bankruptcy lawyer.   (more)  

 Ethics: The Screening Debate Continues
These days, lawyer migration from one firm to another is a fact of life, yet law firms still struggle with the ethics of recognizing and resolving the resulting conflicts of interest. As recently noted at the State Bar’s 2008 Conference of Delegates, “Gone are the days when attorneys work for one firm their entire career.” Can the migrating lawyer be “screened off” so as to prevent the imputation of a conflict of interest to every other lawyer within the firm? So far, no California state court decision has recognized screening as an ethically permissible method of allowing “infected” lawyers to migrate without vicariously disqualifying the entire firm.   (more)  

Wood's Words: Persuasive Legal Writing: Anything New Since Aristotle?
Does the most persuasive legal writing rely primarily on reason or emotion? At a recent conference hosted by the Rutgers School of Law, this question was debated by a group of legal writing professionals and other communication experts.   (more)  

Long-Term Care Insurance: Pay Now or Pay Later
Long-term care is becoming an increasingly important topic due to the benefits of improved healthcare, longer life expectancy, and the growing number of retiring baby boomers. The average cost of long-term care in America can be daunting, and for California residents, even worse. Based on the Mature Market Institute’s 2007 study of nursing home costs, the average Los Angeles-area private nursing home costs more than $78,000 per year. Top-shelf care can cost as much as 40 percent more. Home healthcare can run $20 per hour. Recent changes made in government policy encourage private solutions to this dilemma by providing favorable tax treatment to long-term care insurance buyers.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)  





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November 6
Introduction to PowerPoint 2003 and 2007: High-Tech Trial Presentations
Basic overview of what is needed to put together a high technology trial presentation for either mediation or litigation purposes, why PowerPoint is being used so predominantly in the modern courtroom, how to use PowerPoint’s features to make a presentation that audiences can remember.

November 7
Seventh Annual Environmental Law Fall Symposium: The Changing World of Environmental Law: What's New and What's to Come

New developments in environmental law in areas such as energy, stormwater, and criminal investigations.

November 11
Conquering Breast and Prostate Cancer: The Latest Update on Prevention, Warning Signs, and Treatment Options

A panel presentation featuring three cancer specialists from the City of Hope National Medical Center as well as two lawyers, one who has survived breast cancer and the other who has survived prostate cancer.

November 13
Ethics, Substance Abuse, Diversity, and More: A Humorous Approach in Meeting the Requirements

Legal humorist Sean Carter explores some of the more outrageous disciplinary cases that come before state bar committees and how lawyers can avoid being part of them; the harmful effects of stress on your physical and emotional well-being, and how to use humor when dealing with difficult people; and diversity issues in the law firm.

November 15
Employment Law Nuts and Bolts Seminar

Five panels of experienced employment law attorneys address the basics of discrimination, disability/discrimination/intersection with workers' compensation, employment contracts and non-compete agreements, wage and hour, and leaves of absence.

November 15
2nd Annual Family Law Trial Advocacy Program: The Support Trial

Preparation for and conduct of the support trial, featuring both lecture and demonstrations by experienced family law attorneys, bench officers, and experts. Focus on immediate pre-trial preparation for a child and spousal support trial, presentation of the petitioner's case, presentation of the respondent's case, rebuttal testimony, and closing arguments. Topics include trial-related discovery, trial briefs, witness and exhibit lists, motions in limine, opening statements, direct and cross-examination of the parties and experts, rebuttal testimony, closing arguments, and post-trial considerations.

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