November 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 10 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Conference of Delegates Passes Five LACBA Resolutions

The following 2008 LACBA resolutions were passed by the Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations at its annual conference held last September in Monterey.

Resolution 2-12-08: Criminal Fines: Increase in Credit Per Day of Custody (approved)

Resolution 2-14-08: Automobile Dealers: Restrictions on Dealers Deciding Recreational Vehicle Disputes (approved)

Resolution 4-5-08: Probate: Appointment of Temporary Trustee During Appeal of Probate Order (approved)

Resolution 8-11-08: Real Property: Release Upon Disclosure of Known Payments (approved)

Resolution 10-4-08: Child Support: Compromise on Arrears (approved)

LACBA's Resolution 6-7-08 on disclosure of Not Qualified ratings for the Governor's judicial nominees was withdrawn because there is a similar bill awaiting the Governor's signature. Resolution 10-3-08 on extension of time to conduct DNA testing in paternity issues was vigorously debated and defeated by four votes. Friendly amendments proposed by LACBA were instrumental in the passage of several resolutions submitted by other delegations.

The complete list of actions taken at the conference is available here.

Resolution authors work closely with the CDCBA Board of Directors and with the conference-paid lobbyist to fine-tune proposals and locate appropriate legislators to carry the resultant measures, allowing authors an opportunity to take an integral part in improving the law.

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