November 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 10 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Introducing CLE In-An-iPod: Taking an Already Great Product to the Next Level

The perfect gift for a colleague. Order now.

Take your CLE to go with CLE In-an-iPod. 

This year’s original CLE In-a-Box comes pre-loaded on the latest 8GB Apple Nano for your convenience. 

With all the advantages of CLE In-a-Box packaged together with a great new iPod, there is still room for a movie or two plus hundreds of your favorite songs.

The iPod package also includes a back-up CD of all programs, material disc, and all necessary paperwork for documenting CLE credit.

Fulfill all your CLE requirements with a pre-loaded iPod for the member price of $379 (nonmember price $429) plus $10 shipping.

Find out more by clicking on LACBA’s new CLE In-an-iPod or by calling (213) 896-6560.

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