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Easier Access to Court Navigator Products

It’s the second most popular page on, not counting, of course, the home page. Close behind the online Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, Court Navigator—a family of powerful tools for accessing current case, party, and attorney information in Los Angeles County—ranks near the top of the popularity chart. 

Because attorneys find Court Navigator, a LACBA member exclusive, useful in their daily practice, LACBA has updated the pages that describe the five products contained in the Court Navigator product suite: 

  • Searchable Civil Register, a database that includes information about general and limited jurisdiction civil cases from all districts and is searchable in many ways such as case number, name, law firm, judge, and other parties as well as by topic or case type.
  • Daily Case Filing Elert, a daily e-mail that includes a listing of all new cases filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court since the last court day.
  • Daily Case Type Elert, daily e-mail based on a choice of one or more subject areas that list new cases falling within the selected practice area(s).
  • Daily Name Watch, an automated e-mail alert of activity when any court filing or record includes the selected names.
  • Daily Case Watch, an automated e-mail alert of activity when any court filing or record includes the selected case numbers.

We have added a “mini-menu” in the left sidebar on every page of our Web site so that you can easily access any one of these Court Navigator products to find the information pages about each of these products as well as to login and access them. 

To enable you to access the Searchable Civil Register’s Search Form directly, we have created this new login page. Now, you can set your browser’s Favorites to this page as the shortest path to searching your cases.

If you are new to the Searchable Civil Register, you can discover its many practical benefits on this single page where we have consolidated all the information.

And with our new Select Product page, you can go directly to any one of these five product configuration pages directly if you are already logged into the Web site.

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