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A Compendium of Recent Cases

Cases appear in chronological order, with the oldest case appearing first.

-Trusts and Estates-
Where purchaser defaulted on agreement to buy property from estate and property was resold at a lower price, Probate Code Sec. 10350(e)(1) authorized probate court to award estate damages in an amount equal to difference between defaulting and successful purchase prices. Because estate was entitled to retain defaulted buyer's deposit as statutory award for damages, it made no legal difference that deposit amount covered both estate's interest in property and that of co-owner because Sec.10350(e)(1) did not authorize a pro rata share of damages based on sellers' respective interests in the property.
     Estate of Felder - filed October 9, 2008, Second District, Div. Five
     Cite as 2008 SOS 5706

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-Government Law-
Where estate's property escheated, state was required to pay interest at one of two statutorily determined interest rates set forth in California Code of Civil Procedure Sec. 1540(c) for entire time period that unclaimed property was held by state. Even if estate had a cognizable property right to interest earned by escheated property and this property was "taken" by state, no further compensation as due to estate because when estate abandoned its property, estate forfeited any right to interest earned by that property.
      Turnacliff v. Westly - filed October 15, 2008
     Cite as 07-15287
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-Trusts and Estates-
Where trust beneficiary brought a "safe harbor" petition to determine whether he could seek a distribution from the trust without violating no-contest clause, and trustee filed a response affirmatively pleading that the proposed action would violate the clause, beneficiary’s subsequent purported withdrawal of the petition without prejudice was ineffective.
     Schwartz v. Schwartz - filed October 16, 2008, Fifth District
     Cite as 2008 SOS 5744

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