October 2008 • Vol. 28 No. 9 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Attorneys Can Reap Benefits through Participation in En Banc Legal Blog

Read, write, comment.

LACBA’s new legal blog, En Banc (www.lacba.org/enbanc), provides attorneys with several benefits, whether you become a regular contributor or leave a comment on other writers’ posts. You can:

  • Raise your professional profile.
  • Create an online presence.
  • Put your name in Internet search results.
  • Establish a reputation for expertise in your field.
  • Focus on issues in your practice area to connect with audiences both inside and outside the legal field.

One way to think of blogging—It’s like a radio talk show, only better. You can sit down and think through what you want to say, how to work through the issues of a legal process or a case, and refine a solution.

Moreover, you capture a precise audience because you can set links from your own Web site, from your e-mails and newsletters, and from other sources to your En Banc articles. Readers who perform a search for topics on which you’ve written will find your posts and become more familiar with you.

Your intended audience can access your blog articles on En Banc when the moment is convenient for them to read through your articles and opinions, and, similar to a radio talk show, readers can send you comments and communicate with you, resulting in an expansion of your reputation with relationships and a network of contacts.

Whether you’re working in a large firm or small, raising your professional profile through an online presence enables other people to find and get to know you and your expertise.

Take a look at En Banc and read posts from attorneys who have already become active bloggers. Whether you post an article, your thoughts, or leave a comment on someone else’s post, become a part of the growing online Los Angeles legal community. 

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