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Court Notices and Announcements

As a service to our members, LACBA links notices and announcements from superior courts and district courts in Southern California. Documents are arranged in chronological order (latest release listed first) by county. Because we are linking to the official court website, please understand the link may not lead you directly to the document you seek and you may have to search the court's website to locate it.


Superior Courts

Kern County

March 17, 2014: County of Kern, Proposed Rules of Court for July 1, 2014

Los Angeles

April 8, 2014: Stanley Mosk Courthouse Introduces CourtCall Courtroom Video Conferencing

March 12, 2014: Jurists, Litigators Lead L.A. Bar's Civil Court Seminar on March 15

February 14, 2014: North District to Resume Handling Unlimited Jurisdiction Personal Injury Cases

Nominations Sought for
Judicial Council/Advisory Committee Positions

Apply or Nominate for Membership

The Judicial Council and Judicial Council Advisory Committees are currently soliciting nominations to fill upcoming vacancies.  The deadline for submitting a nomination for the Judicial Council is April 11, 2014, and Judicial Council Advisory Committees is May 15, 2014.

The Executive and Planning Committee of the Judicial Council is responsible for coordinating the nominations process to fill vacancies on the council and its advisory committees.

Apply for Membership

Judicial Council
Rule 10.2. Judicial Council membership and terms
Note: Current Judicial Council open positions are for superior court judges, court commissioners, and court administrators only.

2014 Judicial Council Nominations
The deadline for submitting a nomination is Apr 11, 2014


2014 Judicial Council Nominations Part I (to be completed by the nominee or nominator)
Fillable (Word) or Online

2014 Judicial Council Nominations Part II (to be completed by the nominee, only)
Fillable (Word)

Advisory Committees
Rule 10.31. Advisory committee membership and terms
Note: Advisory committee membership is open to members of the public, including lawyers in various practice areas, court staff, and bench officers.
2014 Judicial Council Advisory Committee Nominations.  The deadline for submitting a nomination is May 15, 2014.

2014 Advisory Committee Nominations Cover Memo

Nominations Form and Committee Vacancies List: Word or Online

The nominations and appointment process and the advisory committees' roles and responsibilities are described in the California Rules of Court, which also lists the membership categories for each committee.  The chair of the Judicial Council may also appoint task forces, comprised of judges, court officials, attorneys, and members of the public, to advise the council in studying the condition of court business, improving judicial administration, and assisting the council. Task forces handle particular projects or proposals and make recommendations to the council.

2013 California Rules of Court in regards to Photographing, recording, and broadcasting in court

United States District Court

Central District of California

Notices from the Clerk

April 13, 2013: Notice from the Clerk: Amended Local Rules, Effective June 1, 2013

United States Bankruptcy Courts

Central District

Current Public Notices

January 29, 2013: Process for Proposing Revisions to the Court's LBRs, Forms, and Court Manual

Superior Courts

Kern County

Local Rules -Kern County Superior Court website

Effective Jan 1, 2014: Local Rules of Court

Los Angeles

—Local Rules of Los Angeles Superior Court—
—Notices to Attorneys—

January 24, 2014: Probate Division Makes Changes at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse
January 24, 2014: Family Law Division Announces Changes at Stanley Mosk Courthouse
January 15, 2014: Request for Payment of Proof of Payment for Motion Reservations Made in the Courtroom Reservation System (CRS) Prior to Jan. 6, 2014
Local Rules-Effective January 1, 2014
January 1, 2014: Notice of Fee Changes
December 30, 2013: Changes in the General Jurisdiction Personal Injury Conditions
December 24, 2013: Family Law & Probate Divisions to Collect Court Reporter Fees for Matters Lasting One Hour or Less
Notice to Attorneys regarding Alhambra Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Beverly Hills Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Catalina Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Central Arraignment Courts
Notice to Attorneys regarding East Los Angeles Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Huntington Park Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Malibu Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Pomona Courthouse North
Notice to Attorneys regarding San Pedro Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding West Los Angeles Courthouse
Notice to Attorneys regarding Whittier Courthouse

Orange County

Local Rules of Orange County Superior Court
Notices and Orders


Local Rules of Riverside Superior Court

February 4, 2013: Case Subscription Service for E-mail Notifications in Civil and Criminal Cases

San Bernardino County

News and Notices

March 27, 2013: Proposed Local Rules (Effective July 1, 2013)
Comments concerning the proposed local rules may be directed to Debra Meyers, Deputy Court Executive Officer/General Counsel, dmeyers@sb-court.org. All comments must be received by April 27, 2013.

San Diego County

News and Notices

January 9, 2013: Notice to Attorneys: New, Revised or Repealed Forms for the Judicial council and San Diego Superior Court

January 7, 2013: Notice to Attorneys: General Order of the Presiding Department Order No. 010313 In Re Procedures Regarding Electronic Filing

San Pedro

April 22, 2013: Notice to Attorneys: Effective June 3, 2013: San Pedro Courthouse Restraining Order Applications to Be Filed In Long Beach South District



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