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Judicial Council Forms for LACBA Members

LexisNexis Bar Association Member Benefit Program

LexisNexis California Judicial Council Forms
July 2015—Release 45.0

The July 2015 update features
34 new or revised forms.

List of New and Revised Forms

Click here for the Free
Judicial Council Smart Forms

Please note:
To view the forms, you must first download the free HOTDOCS PLAYER.

The Judicial Council Forms are provided by LexisNexis as a benefit to LACBA members. Service and support for these forms are provided through LexisNexis. If you have any trouble accessing the forms or using HotDocs, please visit the LexisNexis Knowledge Base for online resources and help or contact the LexisNexis Customer Support hotline at 1-800-833-9844.

To suggest an enhancement, report a bug, or send comments, visit the LexisNexis Knowledge Base to fill out their online feedback form
or call (800) 223-5297 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Once you download your forms, you can then:

  • Simply fill out the form online and e-mail, print or download it
  • Take advantage of Field Overflow options, which handle data that's too long to fit in the space provided
  • Save the completed form to your computer for future use

Automated California Judicial Council Forms
If you want to save even more of your valuable time, LexisNexis offers more than 1,000 fully Automated Forms, including LexisNexis™ Automated California Judicial Council Forms and LexisNexis™ California County Forms. LexisNexis Automated Forms can offer you the same special features as Smart Forms, plus they use HotDocs software® to offer robust automation features for as little as $10 each:

  • Smart Formatting: Information that's required in different formats will automatically be reformatted correctly
  • Answer Files: Save the answers from one form and apply them to another
  • Automatic Data Flow: Enter information once and it's automatically inserted throughout the form
  • Attorney and Court Intakes: Enter frequently used attorney and court information to use any time you complete a form
  • Field Wizards: Provide guidance in completing the form and perform calculations
  • Spell-check: Locates misspelled words for you

    Order LexisNexis™ Automated Forms now on lexisOne.